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  1. Or the debate community for wasting time on this...
  2. On a scale of 1-10, please rate how *insert insulting comment here* this affirmative case is. I'd make a poll, but I'm too lazy.
  3. Best novice argument is a roadmap.
  4. TSPEC stole my soul. (Trial Specification)
  5. 1. Doesn't the 1AR go line by line? 2. Is it strategic to not extend N/U and just offense?
  6. Neg should have PIC ground for competetive fairness, man. Aff gets first and last speech, gets to choose what we debate about, AND they get infinite prep time. We need PIC ground cause it forces affs to write good plan texts which increases education. It forces affs to defend any criticism of their plan to prove that it is in fact the best policy option. Finally, it pretty much narrows the debate down so we focus on one aspect which increases education.
  7. I'm sorry, I wasn't specific enough. I want to know how I can directly scan physical text into electronic text.
  8. It's definately not Missouri style debate. Labs are mixed, it's laid back, and there's tons of (fast) practice rounds.
  9. Best way/program for transforming physical print into electronic font? Price? Reliability?
  10. There's no point in a justification argument unless you can't give good analysis or provide decent evidence on how they don't justify. Simply, national service = bad. State service = good.
  11. PICs are only legit if they are well thought out and have specific solvency.
  12. Maybe a timeframe perm, but not, ew, severance. *shudders*
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