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  1. CDehoyos

    CA State Champs

    so .. thats the point
  2. CDehoyos

    CA State Champs

    i see.. haha i dont care though.. i think it is just as much a slap in the face to demean people that post positive compliments about squads...... especially becasue they didnt include James Logan
  3. CDehoyos

    CA State Champs

    naw.. i will tackle chase and try to have my way with him.... THE SPARTAN WAY
  4. CDehoyos

    CA State Champs

    DD Dont think you are gonna make me feel bad for making my predications. I got my picks, thats like going to a NCAA March Madness pool and getting angry at the people who picked Florida because the Villanovas werent getting their equal rep. and, I know all about adult jail.. I rep Chino!
  5. CDehoyos

    CA State Champs

    Damien is changing thier affs to the following possibilities: End Strength Salmon Corps Masterbation aff (performance) Dentist Corps (the type Team Leah runs) Space- with a Jawa invasion and anti-Treki adv and rap... lots of rap Damien will most likely...likes its hot
  6. CDehoyos

    CA State Champs

    With the exception of Victor Rivas(haha). Logan has had a very solid program. I do take offense to anyone who tries to argue my previous statment
  7. CDehoyos

    CA State Champs

    Basil knows what the fuck hes talking about kid..
  8. CDehoyos

    CA State Champs

    I didnt plan on being amazing at debate, im sorry
  9. CDehoyos

    CA State Champs

    Teams to beat: Bellarmine A-Z Bellarmine: they always have a strong showing at state. Whether it is thier top or bottom, they all are very well coached for State Damien DeHoyos/Baumgaertner Damien Ehrlich-Quinn/Berggren Damien Nelson/Bato Damien Rodarte/Hernandez Watch out for Damien- they are the decendants of hercules himself. Taught never to give up.... and try to wear as little as possible when debating. do not be surprised if the entire squad shows up in black speedos with weapons Fullerton Gray/Lim- Cameron has his team on lock- this team is very talented and will be prepared to beat the best team on their myraid of different versions of coercion and consult nato. James Logan- always dominate when it comes to state. nuff said La Costa Forrester/Hendrickson- Forrester is pretty legit.. i predict he will do well at state ++++Sketch ass teams to hold onto your wallets when you pass by: Notre Dame: any team Matt "the duke" Mcloon is on.. also a side note.. Duran is also pretty sketch. haha Damien: Baumgaertner/DeHoyos: they are the biggest threat to anyone at state, because they dont care. that is a mighty force to be reckoned with. Both of these very sexy seniors are going to be very pissed off and annoyed that they are at State during DeHoyos' 18th birthday, and will do anything to either get vengence or eliminate themselves.. Jesuit- Chase fite- nuff said..
  10. im desperately seeking for a man like NCP also,..
  11. um.. DAmien is all boys. Notre dame is coed you should try Chaminade. i think thats pretty close.
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