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  1. Seraph617


    bellarmine over lexington, 2-1, jheidt sat
  2. Seraph617


    pace over new trier woodward over hooch
  3. BG over lexington, 3-0 on cap
  4. no idea, lexington is aff against bishop guertin.
  5. lexington and bishop guertin picked up, debating each other in sems
  6. i'm not exactly sure what the issue is, ethically, with posting this card from an email. i don't think that professors would make claims that they would not support publically in an email, although i do think that we should have asked professor simon if it was okay to post this email on a public forum. myself, i feel that some level of clarification is needed, especially if we ask simon about the context of his book and he says something that is the exact opposite of the way that most debaters use this card. i doubt that simon intended the part about nuclear energy and the US code to be a large part of his book, and therefore did not devote a whole lot of time to explaining it. @ chase - i don't really think that this card is much different from the china aff last year. the US code is confused - there is nothing defining "alternative energy" as a term of art, let alone "alternative energy incentives". the fact that simon (the card, not the email) says that the best definition is "alternative energy facilities" proves that the topic isn't really grounded in legal lit.
  7. props to westminster for beating us twice on T our (lex BH's) 1ac is slightly different from the one on planetdebate - i'll try to get box to post them sometime
  8. woa it's werner. lol @ ceda

  9. see above you can probly email him to check if he's received the app, though. he replied to my email last year about it.
  10. Seraph617

    e waste aff

    bronx doesn't kritik impact calc, they simply argue that your way of viewing impacts (i.e. big magnitude and timeframe over probability) is bad, especially in the way of fantasizing over nuclear war through the args that kato and some other dudes make.
  11. i think that you can probably get into one of the other labs at DDI, but not SS SS is the Serrano/Strange lab, which is generally considered the top lab at DDI, although the other labs are strong as well
  12. question: is it possible that the rez doesn't even mandate that the aff has to increase alternative energy usage? after all, it only says that the incentives must be increased. so would this justify plans that just related to alternative energy, but didn't actually increase their usage, such as incentives for nuclear power plant safety?
  13. Seraph617


    no it was the 2007 packet http://www.harvard-debate.org/downloads/HHS2004/Download_199.pdf
  14. Seraph617


    actually, the results packet from last year shows rufus AA and mountain brook MS did break, and that pine crest was not in attendance
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