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  1. I don't understand the admiration of my word economy.
  2. mideastdebater

    NDT 2008

    Yes he is, i talked to him earlier.
  3. Update II: Will Pearson is sick and will likely not be able to attend. Unknown who I (Forrest) will debate with. Regardless of who I debate with we will read MEDFLAGS.
  4. Update!!! Central Brown/Ramsey is now Brown/Pearson Will's HL math grade was satisfactory enough for him to attend the debate tournament. Nick will be champion of Public Forum with Amy Wei.
  5. Liberty and Central A decided to share 1st place.
  6. Funny you should use Steinbrenner as an example, seeing as his sport, baseball, DOES allow owners like him to buy every single player they want.
  7. Has the release date been discussed yet? If so, what was the result?
  8. Cornell did not qualify to the NDT last year - as a look at the NDT Results packet confirms. Or you can go to the website for more information.
  9. Central def. La salle on, I believe, a 3-0. Aff read LSA, 2NR was politics and case.
  10. The main net benefit dealt with deterring China, according to Nick.
  11. Next up for Central is the TOC Champs, GBN FS.
  12. Springfield Central was aff. Bellarmine PICed out of short enlistments, read a counterplan to do foreign nationals (not sure if there were two different counterplans - I don't think there were) and read some kind of equipment shortage to short enlistments. Nick read several foreign nationals solvency cards and a link to cmr. He then read CMR as a disad to the cp, which short enlistments solve. Said the equipment disad linked to the cp, put some defense on the disad. Judges said they voted on short termers better than long term enlistments and some other argument.
  13. From what Nick has told me, both rounds had decent panels although the round with GBS was slow whereas the round with RHSM was fast. Central was neg against GBS who read a genocide prevention aff. Nick went for T, China disad, and solvency. Central was aff against RHSM. RHSM read heg bad and strikes bad.
  14. Abbreviating Rowland Hall St. Marx as RHSM is much less ambiguous - lest we confuse St Marx with St. Mark's.
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