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  1. Nonsense Cory don't buy into this deception come down to Virginia... where we have... apples :]
  2. why is everybody moving to DC... come down to VA for goodness sakes :]
  3. Iunno if I'll be debating this year man... I keep losing my partners... it's happened twice now... I always end up with some senior, now i'm the senior... except my partner has done policy like once before... and I'm running into some administrative issues... Iunno if i'll be able to... If I dont debate this year... go run a Eulogy to David Bae Kritique, for me :] Just kidding... I'm not worthy of the eulogy...
  4. Friggin who is the coach of yorktown thinks he's all big and bad with his kids winning all that jazz...
  5. Just curious chip... but does the Heights send any team that DOESNT plan on winning? EVER? At any point in time? :]
  6. It's alright mr.hyland we got SOUL POWAH
  7. Looks like a straight sweep for TJ... hahha
  8. I had heard TJ dropped policy debate... was this rumor false than?
  9. DBae of BY/YB


    The only one i can think of it WACFL... although it's not that close to College Park most of the time...
  10. You know what Mr.Hyland maybe I will... I'm sure i can work it in somehow with this new resolution... Chris... if you move further north... We will GLADLY take you... we'll even pay you... with candy :]
  11. See there yah go :] Mr.Hyland is like the friggin Wikipedia of all things debate... except that he's accurate :] ...sometimes...
  12. Charlottesville? Dang... we could really use you up here further north in NoVA... and there should be a local circuit... although i suppose mr.hyland would know more about it... if it even exists...
  13. I started with the duck hunt... than i got lazy... and just quit midway...
  14. I'd be willing to try and get my team to go... would it be just for Policy or would LD debate be included into this crazy mix ?
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