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  1. Just moved to the area and was wondering if I should/could get involved. Not necessarily looking for anything nat circuit
  2. Any debate programs in Sacramento?
  3. Al-Shaitan

    RIP Chance Harp

    *bump Also, it should be mentioned that John McCutchen has also passed. The amount of guilt that he seemed to have was unfair to him. RIP
  4. Al-Shaitan

    South Africa 2010

    Holy shit. Best knockoffs I've ever seen.
  5. Al-Shaitan

    Todd Reesing

    This literally might be the only time Shuman has ever been successful in making a comment that is both, true and witty.
  6. Al-Shaitan

    MSHSAA State

    Has there been anyone that's been shafted more than Wes in this state?
  7. What should happen in HOA: Oak Park A Truman A Truman B What WILL happen: Liberty A Liberty Q Park Hill South A
  8. Have you guys heard that knew Heath Ledger joke? ....Neither has he (Yeah, I want neg rep)
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