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  1. lol "cough", i heart mike.
  2. AScott

    ATTN: Fort Osage

    Yeah, I will post whatever you all need just let me know. No need to trade graduating and not debating in college so I am happy to help. Oil is a multi-billion dollar business opening ANWR would be like injecting billions into the US economy. Linhart ‘05 [Zachary, contributor to the Bowdoin Orient, “Drill ANWR for Independence”, August 4th, accessed august 6th] Some other positive impacts of drilling ANWR are as follows. There would be significant economic impact as companies could invest and get contracts. As seen in the middle east and various parts of the United States, oil drilling is a multi-billion dollar business. Opening ANWR for drilling would be like investing billions into the United States economy. These corporations would create approximately half a million jobs, another economic booster. ANWR has more than enough oil for the United States’ current needs. Simmons 07 [Matthew Simmons, Houston energy investment banker, “Twilight of Oil: A Look at the end of Saudi Oil”, March 16th 2007, May 23, 2008] The environmental community’s claim that ANWR contains only a six months supply of oil is a calculation that assumes the nation has no other source of oil when ANWR oil comes on line, Simmons said. It would not take 10 years to get a big oil find in ANWR into production since the infrastructure is in place, Simmons observed. Working in conjunction with the oil the US imports there is the possibility of up to 20 years of oil consumption. Animal populations have actually skyrocketed since we began drilling in Alaska Linhart 05’ [Zachary, contributor to the bowdoin orient, “Drill ANWR for independence”, written august 4th 05, accessed august 6th] For example, caribou populations have skyrocketed since other oil sites were drilled in Alaska. In addition, with modern technology, oil drilling sites are significantly smaller that they have been in the past. The footprint of the rigs would be insignificant compared to the vastness of the region. Oh man, Pem Hill you will all learn some tact eventually. Creativity is the spice of life...so ANWR=Spice of Life. If there was one team that I was ever scared to hit it would be you guys. Not because I didn't want to lose, just because I know that when I did lose not only would our squad be taunted at large but i would have to hear about those smug nannies. The point is there a few kids that I find are great on your squad but vast majority are intellectual Stalins.
  3. Fort shall be sending. A. Scott/Miller B. Gillette/Belmore So I am kind of excited that this is the only tourny where A and B actually matter.
  4. Wow, Truman infighting...throughout the entirety of this rabble there is only two things I have found myself agreeing with and seeing as how I am cool with both parties involved here they are. 1. Maybe I am not understanding the whole "rule" thing but I am buying Matt's analysis on the ballot count stuff, and while I know it doesn't matter in the long run because you all still qualified the only thing I know is that Jaz and Brandi did indeed drop at least one ballot to josh and I thanks to Capt. Policy. 2. I do indeed think that Fort deserved to qual. =) and 3. Even though I only promised two, I just feel like both teams should know...fighting about who qualled better made me feel very very inept...so just stop the fighting and be glad either of you can even fight about this. seriously there are a lot of teams in recent years who have deserved to qualify and didn't. So just be happy you guys are going, and rep us well.
  5. So.... Minor Yelling=Death threats, police involvement, etc? I put in the death threat myself because I thought that it made the story more dramatic. thoughts? I just think we could turn this shit into a book deal and that can be our rags to riches story.
  6. I have a new section I feel SHOULD be added. Most likely to start a race riot-Jaz Heitz The Pem Hill/BS battle is crazy, Mike I believe you taking your shirt off would win you rounds somewhere but your impecable speaking and argumentation skills will win you rounds everywhere. I don't hate Pem Hill but damn, I know being good at debate requires you to be confident but there is definitely a line between confident and COCKy. Let's just have a battle royale at MSHAA. That is all. Love, Alex
  7. WES!? I have my aghast face on right now.
  8. Well, I suppose first alt is a lot better showing than fort has had in awhile for policy...very disappointing but I can't say that I've had more fun in round than round 7 against Plott/Greenberg. You guys were great all tournament it sucks it had to come down to just us. Just wanted to say thanks to you guys for helping me end my debate career with a bang. btw while leaning out the drive-thru window at work today I realized, I really should have dropped econ. Khalilzad was untouched all round...so what I'm trying to say is, that round was much closer than the one ballot we lost by =). Love you guys, represent us well at Nats.
  9. Wow, a tournament on Thursday...what'll they think of next?
  10. I am afraid tyler may be mistaken miller/scott may not be attending in that form. it will depend on the events of this week.
  11. AScott

    Lee's Summit

    lol josh and i aren't competing this weekend...well i am doing puf with my protege'. it is going to be so much fun. i will miss policy this weekend...don't disown me truman!
  12. A division of 21...looks like most of us are breaking. =) fortunate for fort isn't it?
  13. ok. agreed. glad could meet a mutual understanding. end.
  14. WHOA! ok, shadow lurker i think i speak for anyone who has ever ran a tournament in eastern jackson county in saying that anyone who has a pulse is someone you want. NOW if you can get someone out ther who knows what a flow is...that's magic. Everyone wants what judges there are, and i do so agree. So for now I hope you find it crucial to reply to this post shadow lurker. =)
  15. I thought you were shadow stalking on here mike? i thought of you affectionately as the cross-x ninja...apparently not anymore.
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