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  1. Public Forum Kimberly Henry and Andrew Benage from Fort Scott High School Daniel Lyon and Chase Rooks from Fort Scott High School Policy Debate Sterling Braun and Jacoby Zielinski from Fort Scott High School AnnRene Braun and Bradley Parson from Fort Scott High School Kim Stone and Brittney Doherty from Fort Scott High School Duo Interpretation David Northup and Michael Lee Hearson from Field Kindley Memorial High School Anna Miles and Daisy Jones from Fort Scott High School Original Oratory Fran Murnan from Pittsburg High School Angel West from Fort Scott High School U.S. Extemp Clinton Clare from Derby High School Kim Reeves from Parsons High School International Extemp Steven Schaaf from Derby High School David Rose from Derby High School Dramatic Interpretation Breianna Jones from Fort Scott High School Hannah Walker from Parsons High School Humorous Interpretation Brandon McGeHee from Southeast High School Ben Mazurek from Pittsburg-Colgan High School Lincoln-Douglas Debate Adam Westhoff from Parsons High School Keifer Cruse from Fort Scott High School Senate Jordan Duncan from Labette County High School Karli J. Aitken from Field Kindley Memorial High School Super House Results Natasha N. Battle from Field Kindley Memorial High School Michael Windsor from Southeast High School
  2. and I really dont know much IX 1. Michael Windsor-Taking congress 2. 3. 4. Steven Shaaf-not going 5. David Rose-NQ 6. DX 1. Natasha Battle- Taking congress 2. Clinton Clare- NQ 3. 4. 5. 6.
  3. how can you claim abuse that hasn't happened? why wouldn't you run arguments you have simply because you think we'll spike out of them?
  4. no, we don't claim that, we just claim the right so that way you cant take it away from us
  5. Im Clinton, Im 2a its going to cost as much as the nation of that region needs to produce its nanotech facilities. we're just going to act as a guiding force in the funding. our monetary(the US) commitment in the field of nanotech is an indicator of our leadership in the field. the USFG is the AOA, its going to be passed through the normal means of enacting a policy, we cant restrict ourselves but limiting it to just congress, the president and the supreme court are still going to have their constitutional rights in this policy. the claim that we are making with our Inh is that the reason there isn't NANOTECH in the reason is because there isn't nanotechnology there. There is a brain drain problem in africa, we can't deny that. But if you look to the card, the brain drain is causing the support to go else where, so we're taking a proactive approach by giving them the support they lost. We're saying that the US is best suited because we have access to this technology to its fullest potential.
  6. footballbum008


    Im so not looking forward to this, the drive that is where is everyone staying?
  7. I'm looking for dehumanization good, I'll trade anything, name your price if you have it, or know where I can get it
  8. Im so pissed at that round but Ive had more people quote me this year than ever before
  9. Im a total dork for knowing this, but sokan is 37
  10. this is the order 1st Alt - Field Kindley - David Northup/Michael Hearson 2nd Alt - Arkansas City - Kaitlyn Kuecker/Jason Tedder 3rd Alt - Derby - Clinton Clare/ Ariel Yager
  11. if you remember sunflower last year in PFD/LD wichita east took everything
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