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  1. if they are, they should REALLY get a tournament invite done, so some of the program directors can get their programs to attend. we want to go, you just have to tell us the information we need. Doug Dennis Dir. St Francis HS Mountain View CA
  2. i have it...email me if you need it
  3. i'm in. and i'm terrible at this game. never finished higher than 2nd to last. but as i look at the people on the list, i can only wish we were playing for money. if we're gonna talk trash, let's do this...
  4. would be a great coach for your HS team. Dedicated and smart and he cares for the game.
  5. alec and eli are cash money. they could go whereever they wanted to go and get their bids....but to assume they're the norm and not the exception is ludicrous and a tad arrogant. if you want me to actually go back and pull out the teams that got bids at greenhill, st. marks, the glenbrooks, emory, mba, and harvard/berkeley, you will notice a remarkable similarity to the teams on that list, they should know, they were on it. not everyone is fortunate enough get to debate with someone that 1) is close to their equal, 2) is also talented, 3) in a program that a history of solid teams and thus 4) has no institutional barriers from going to bid tourneys. the teams with all 4 of those criteria will generally have no problem getting bids wherever they go, as these criteria will generally place you in the top 16 teams in the country. i think the reason a lot of really good teams don't get to go to the TOC is because they choose badly in the tourneys they choose. if mba has 16 bids and of the 60 teams going 32 have toc bids ALREADY, how likely is it that you're gonna bid up there? but it happens to someone every year...they pick a couple of bid tourneys, get one locally and need to bid at a major to qualify, miss their bid, apply for an at large and watch big school's "c" team (who you've been beating all year) get the at large. quarters bids semis bids local octas bids local finals bids my .02
  6. it like all other forms of expression is a window into your soul and experience. and sometimes, homophobic and misogynistic describes that window. instead of just dropping a bunch of rhymes, can someone answer this question. i'm actually curious to see what gets said. oh, and consider uc santa cruz in 2007. mountains forest and beach within 15 minutes. not many places like that...and we're the slugs... oh, and immortal technique don't hate gay people, he hate people. kinda like my guy, jon dingel.
  7. there is a "H" in lou gehrig's name.
  8. as a correction of previously stated information... st. thomas academy was in the finals in 1999 lost to GBN, and won in 2000 against GBN and on the record, STA, not a "toc powerhouse"- just a couple of years with great debaters and awesome coaching
  9. this case seems to place the aff in a catch-22...either a) the military industrial complex is strong enough to instill discipline and order in criminals, usually not high on either catagory, which would seem to be link magniifers for any military based k i'd happen to be running or the MIC is not sufficient at turning around hardened criminals and making them into not just model soldiers, but deployable into conflict situations immediately (which is the readiness lx) this speaks nothing of the extra topical questions that, even if i spot you that you're right, a good team could beat you on it, and that means you have to spend real time in the 2AC in most debates... there are just better ideas
  10. if you do, or you're going to, please PM or email me at blackdebateguy@hotmail.com. mark lindsay, this means you. thank you
  11. why does anyone care? someone you don't know is speculating that the people named are gonna be ballers? wow, that must suck. it's not as if there's anyone getting buried by the maven and the class recruiting thread. i'd write that one up if i thought it wouldn't be a kick in the groin politically. it would be much more fun, but if people's feelings are hurt b/c they aren't getting mentioned... and to answer how someone might speculate on how sam from caddo might be as a debater in college without knowing him. 1) he's from a solid program, 2) he's got a brother that's doing it, 3) he at least bidded before they stopped debating this year, 4) they were 4-3 at the TOC as a soph/jr team in 2005, 5) he was top speaker at St. Marks, etc. these alone or even together are not sufficient to prove anything, but it would at least give you reason to speculate. i don't know reggie bush, but i can, based on the information i have (games i've watched), and my base knowledge of the sport of football, can speculate that he'll be a solid nfl running back. could i speculate if he'll be the best ever? i could, but that wouldn't be fair. but it is fair to assume he's alright. on record, i'm "big upping" the toc maven...hell, she knew when southworth graduated and where he went, i'm not sure HE remembers that.
  12. i'm a hater, but come on... why do you care that someone wants to advertise debating at santa clara? i did a little coaching for their policy squad this year (one of their debaters, ruchit, debated with one of the ucsc debaters this year), and i have nothing but praises for their program. Melan Jaich, their director is really cool, and without SCU bending over backwards to help UCSC out whenever they could, we wouldn't have gotten the opportunities to debate. SCU is a solid school, has admin support, a director that will travel you, a GOOD DEBATER waiting for a partner and the budget to actually get some debating done. anyone that hasn't gotten to the school they wanted to get into should give Melan Jaich a call. we're hemmoraging programs left and right, ANY program that has the ability to house and fund debaters, we should applaud them.
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