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  1. wait, so are finals tonight or tomorrow?
  2. OH, and here's the website for UNT if anybody is interested: http://www.meangreenworkshops.com
  3. I personally would recommend any of the UNT scholars lab to any and all debaters that are interested. This camp provides the perfect balance between teaching, researching, and skills development through drills and practice rounds. If anybody wants details about the interworkings of the camp, several debaters from OK went there this past summer: the list includes myself and Erin, Neal Sharma, Michael Masterson, Andrew and Kristiana, Jay Joshi, and i'm sure i'm forgetting someone but i know any of those people will be more than willing to tell you more about the camp. Peace
  4. I don't know if Niki reads cross-x, but in the chance she doesn't - Kirk, please tell her that I wish her all the best with her family issues and that we will all miss both her and Taylor at state. Now on a different note - congratulations to Moore for going to state - this is an incredible accomplishment given the youth of the school's debate program. Props to both the team for their great ability to learn a complex activity very well in a short amount of time and props to Ish for coaching them along the way. See everybody tomorrow - Good luck!
  5. Uh, for clarification, i was only talking about the conversation about how other teams run the args that Greenhill run even though they are bad. Sorry, didn't mean to offend anyone
  6. Gaston I find it extremely hilarious that you stole that card from Greenhill considering our conversation at districts, lol
  7. Sorry, i cut the card a long time ago and since i can't get on my computer anymore b/c the hard drive crashed, i can't get you a hyperlink. However, If you search the words 'Menand predictions media' in google (no quotes) then the article should pop up. Hope that helps Sean
  8. here is Erin and I's outline for one of our Aff's - the other aff will be coming shortly. “If someone is condemned to a premature death because of the injustice of global health inequality, it is doubly unjust for that person to be condemned to an agonizing death racked by preventable pain.” Observation 1: The forgotten people – Status quo HIV/AIDS assistance in Africa is focused only on preventative measures while ignoring the millions suffering from terminal illnesses that are condemned to die in agony because of the lack of palliative care and treatment services Merriman and Binagwaho 2004 [spence D, Merriman A, Binagwaho A (2004) Palliative Care in Africa and the Caribbean. PLoS Med 1(1): e5 doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.0010005 October 19, 2004] In many resource-poor countries….palliative care each year And specifically, the US policy has traditionally been focused on prevention of AIDS, but has not emphasized treatment. A substantial increase in palliative care is needed from the federal government. Boonstra 2003 Heather Boonstra The Guttmacher Report on Public Policy August 2003, Volume 6, Number 3 Issues and Implications. U.S. AIDS Policy: Priority On Treatment, Conservatives' Approach to Prevention The global AIDS law…. care for children orphaned by AIDS. And recent increases in assistance are not enough – millions of people in Africa are still suffering because of a lack of palliative care. Marketwire 2008 [January, 29. Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa Hosts Congressional Briefing on Palliative and End-of-Life Care and Global Battle Against HIV/AIDS. Recommendations Made as Congress Prepares to Reauthorize PEPFAR. Marketwire.com] The Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Saharan…through trained interdisciplinary teams. Thus the plan Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its palliative care services to all persons in the topically designated countries. All necessary infrastructure and training will be provided. Plan will be done through normal means. We’ll clarify. Observation 2: Solvency The United States is the most effective and efficient country in palliative care services for three reasons First is innovation – The US has the most innovative palliative care assistance. International Conference on AIDS. 2002 [Jul 7-12; 14: abstract no. ThOrF1518. Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, New York, New York, United States. Raveis VH, Karus DG, Marconi K, Selwyn P, Perrone M, Hanna B, Patterson E, H A HA.] ISSUES: Although AIDS-related death…circumstances of the affected population. Second is training – The US has the best-trained health professionals in palliative care. McConnel 2006 [Kathryn McConnell, Washington File Staff Writer. 31 October 2006 “U.S. Philanthropy Boosting Training in Palliative Care.”] U.S. philanthropy is… end of their lives,” Wheeler said. Third is modeling - hundreds of international AIDS agencies have called on the US to lead the AIDS treatment cause. HealthGap 2006 [January 1. http://www.healthgap.org/hcwcall.html. Officials at the conference included members from the World Health Organization and leaders of other major countries that contribute to the fight against global HIV/AIDS.] The critical shortage of health … re-deploying unemployed health workers. And we’re topical – The US government defines palliative care as public health assistance. US Department of State 2006 HIV/AIDS Palliative Care Guidance #1 An Overview of Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Care Services in the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief February 3, 2006 U.S. Department of State Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Comprehensive palliative care is …. the needs of the individual and family. Observation 3: Relinquishing the Fear of Death The taboo of death in American culture dooms individuals to two types of suffering when confronting death-the biological process of dying as well as the psychological acceptance of non-existence. Quality of life can only be improved during this time by embracing Pallative care-even though the end is approaching. Holland 04 [Jimmie, oncologist and staff writer for the oral cancer foundation. http://www.oralcancerfoundation.org/emotional/last_taboo.htm] Talking about the deeper… treatment that was aimed at cure. Specifically, palliative care assistance to other countries improves the quality of life of patients and helps the patients realize that dying is a normal and inevitable process. Kikule, 03 [Ekie, “Quality Care at the end of life in Africa”] Palliative care, as defined …. in the bereavement period. And palliative care is unique in that it is centered around the patient, not the clinician – meaning palliative care is key to the empowerment of individuals. Twycross, 06 [Rober G, “End of Life Care: Unmet Needs and Worldwide Challenge”] An essential feature of … is of the essence. And while it may be impossible to eliminate the fear of death- we must reorient ourselves to accept death. Horton 2007 [Randall, “Becoming Familiar with Death” http://hortonethics.blogspot.com/2007/05/death-be-stranger-no-more-although.html] Although every human is … and in close proximity. Observation 4: Let’s keep it real Impact comparison should be based upon systemic and real-world impacts – so-called experts don’t understand the future of political affairs and cannot accurately predict catastrophic events. Menand in 05 Louis Menand, staffwriter for The New Yorker. 12-05-05 In the December 5 edition …. of the common interest. And the focus on avoiding our plan due to potential future harm expresses hatred for the world we have – our plan affirms a unique value to the lives of those suffering from terminal diseases – our death is inevitable , it only makes sense not to weigh the action of plan based on biological life but rather the value we have in life. Our plan is a necessary prerequisite to all their disadvantages. Pólakóva, 2k4 [Jolana, PhD, New York Academy of Science, THE STRUGGLE FOR HUMAN DIGNITY IN EXTREME SITUATIONS, http://www.crvp.org/book/Series04/IVA-18/chapter_ii.htm] An animal which …. value orientation and attachment.
  9. Traditionally, the prelim rounds and quarters for 4a have been held in the OCCE forum, which has 21 really big rooms to debate in. Then semis and finals are held in the Student Union, usually in the upstairs rooms.
  10. Congrats to both teams - keep us updated Jackie!
  11. I'm gonna go ahead and use this forum for cites - so here goes. I need affirmative outlines from every team on the east side if you are all willing to disclose that information. Erin I and will obviously reciprocate any and all information and we might possibly be posting our aff outlines online (so as to avoid shady procedurals from a school near the tulsa area)
  12. I will be debating at the University of Oklahoma
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