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  1. watching (Neg) Jenks MS vs. (Aff) EMHS PT. PT is running there butler language aff which they reappropriate serve as to have sex with, MS is running T service, T resolved, and a queer identity K.
  2. Are you going to debate?
  3. dillion you are stupid. but back to the point of the post I (Bobby) am 99.9% going to OU and Sam is going to UCO if he ever applys.
  4. lol this had gotten out of hand. dont worry yost we never took any offense to it.
  5. I try to make it almost a personal responsibility to society to call chase out everyday.
  6. samNbobby


    ok, we are going and so is Sunil/Chase, prolly one more team to be named later, and maybe one novice team
  7. samNbobby


    memorial will be there no sure on which teams yet
  8. samNbobby


    Memorial won't be there
  9. samNbobby

    Edmond North....

    its quite a long drive for them most tourneys
  10. samNbobby

    Edmond North....

    we officialing arent going due to eligibility issues
  11. that was Bobby. it is also me now. sam doesnt ever really get on here. its usually me.
  12. eww. thats sooo.... chase.
  13. HAHA no chase. what makes you think that? i am pissed off bc i hate you and spending 2 weeks with you sucks ass.
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