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  1. Hey I'm putting together a real quick policy handbook for our novices and I'm trying to figure out what I need to put in it to explain cross x to the novices. I remember reading on some random thread a while back about cross ex and whoever it was had this acronym [it was like "HAT" or something...maybe not that, but something like it] and they explained it really well and if ANYONE knows who posted that or has any idea what I'm talking about I would be forever grateful if they would post here or PM me. Because I remember reading it and thinking it was a really great way to explain it to novices. I'll continue to search, but once again I'd be forever grateful if anyone who knows what I'm talking about would contact me!
  2. That tends to be an issue in some of my classes. Whenever I, or at times my friends and I open up discussions about personal beliefs, there are always people around who accuse us of trying to "debate" them, or turning everything into an argument. These also tend to be the people who will make sexist/heterosexist/ and/or racist comments, laugh about them, and expect no one to care. Fortunately my english (and this happens in math class too, oddly enough) teacher is liberal enough (and like I said before, a former debater) so he tends to let us discuss everything, even when it starts to get heated. And I don't use debate evidence per se, but I use what debate has taught me to write persuasive essays. Like how to structure my arguements and such within the paper. I think that's what helps me more than backfiles ever will.
  3. Most teenagers don't even want to "waste" their time with sleep. Even after work, debate, "alone time", and school they still want social lives. It's easiest to just go for 48 sometimes 36 hours without sleep and then crash on like Wednesday night and Sunday mornings. As long as the side effects aren't concrete, "rhetorique" is probably right. Teens aren't going to change their sleeping habits. And even if the side effects are proven it still isn't likely. There are so many other things that can cause these side effects anyways and lack of sleep (without the aid of drugs/caffeine, etc.) isn't all that harmful. I know debaters who pull it off without a problem. They're grades aren't dropping, in fact they're improving because by not sleeping they have time to DO their homework after spending all night online or out with friends. And yeah they're tired at school but sleeping in certain classes or at lunch isn't hurting anything. The article talked about teens becoming "moody" and depressed, but there are plenty of teens who are like that even with plenty of sleep. Some of the happiest people I know, who tend to be in good moods are the kids I know who don't sleep that much. There are also plenty of kids who drink LOTS of pop and/or coffee and still get the "recommended" amount of sleep. I can go for long periods of time without sleep and I drink flavored carbonated water. (0 calories, 0 grams of fat, and no caffeine. It's pretty sweet ) And some of my friends who don't sleep much also just don't drink pop. So it's not like teens have to drink caffeine to live without sleep. At least that's what it's like at my high school.
  4. My english teacher actually used to be a policy debater "back in the day" according to rumors. And he's really liberal. So writing papers is fun...I worked with my 1AC for a "quick write" in class but that's about it. Otherwise my papers are just sort of debate related but I don't specifically pick my topic because of debate (I actually tend to pick them to piss off my ultra-conservative english classmates)
  5. I applied to the four week. I really want to go, too.
  6. Okay, so you beat me with the 3 a.m. thing. But the first time I ran a kritik, my coach gave it to us like 2 weeks before and it was ALL I could think about. I'd space off in class about it. And it was amazing. I agree...having an ego is sort of a new thing for me but I definitely feel smarter than a lot of the kids at my school. And your first and third reasons that being a debater is awesome are absolutely great but your second one doesn't apply to me because all my friends are debaters so I win some arguments but I lose some others. Hopefully after going to SDI though I'll be able to win more
  7. Meeh...I can sort of do it. But I *definitely* need work. And don't worry about being a dork. You may be crazy about debate, but the word "obsessed" doesn't even begin to describe me
  8. Ahh the pen flip. An essential debating skill. If only I could do it :-( My team members have tried to teach me, to no avail.
  9. I've seen a lot of relationships between debaters start up ever since I began debating. It makes sense, to a point, because at tournaments we spend so much time together, and can get to know each other very well. It's also hard to start up a relationship when one is gone every weekend for a large portion of the year. But what happens when the competition gets heated? It poses a serious problem, not only for the two in the relationship, but for the team and/or coach. Should debaters not be allowed to date each other?
  10. Okay so I applied to the 4 week and I wanted to send in my deposit but how will I ensure that my deposit will go with my app? Also...the site said it'd be possible to pay online by early Feb. but I couldn't figure out how. Is that not available yet? Or, if it is, could someone tell me how to do it? Please and Thanks! <3
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