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  1. maybe i should have specified, i meant the idea that humans think they have the will to do whatever they life i.e. freedom of choice. Nietzsche believes this is an allusions as i understand but why? also, some other questions i have based on your posts. why does Nietzsche believe that dionysian joys are bad and why are dionysian joys and affirmation of life mutually exclusive from each other.
  2. L33T_D3B4T0R


    anyone smarter than me care to explain Nietzsche's views on "free will" and "guilt?"
  3. im looking for a massochism K (counter-K to Nietzsche) preferably with extensions. and not the one from the aff answers to shopenhaur K from GDI 2006
  4. there are EU cards floating around stating EU gives debt relief to SSA but i wouldnt suggest running EU, its predctable and an all around bad CP
  5. how many braincells i'm using to read this argument-spec
  6. positive peace generic terrorism bad democracy promotion
  7. L33T_D3B4T0R


    anyone know the speaker awards?
  8. L33T_D3B4T0R


    i know that team who ran Shawnee-ism, he was a novice and they had never ran it. they just ran it to have fun. haha you really shouldnt have had a problem beating them oh and does anyone have results formthe tournament? all i know is double octo-finals timberline IL vs. Holy Names AW Boise HS vs. Boise AE Octo-finals Holy Names AW vs. ??? Boise HS vs. Guliver Prep ? Quarters Guliver Prep ? vs. ???
  9. anyone have the UNT landmines aff/neg pm me, ill trade
  10. fyi, for senior division:: Octos: boise MN BYE Centenial HW BYE Century SW BYE Eagle OS BYE Pullup FP BYE Timberline IL BYE Gig Harbor BC BYE Boise PS vs. Boise GN Quarters: Boise GN vs. Eagle OS Boise MN vs. Centenial HW Timberline IL vs. Gig Harbor BC Century SW vs. Pullup FP Semis: Boise GN vs. Century SW Boise MN vs. Timberline IL Finals: boise closed out
  11. people who argue for anarchy just want to be different, in theory its perfect but reality argues otherwise yeah i didnt read the previous posts
  12. stan mcgrady? stan.mcgrady@boiseschools.org
  13. bump, i need some rights malthus files. anyone have? pm me for trade
  14. you can run it with Rights malthus DA, derrida K or anarchy CP... in other words just dont run cap K
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