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  1. Coaches, There is an opening for a position of a policy debate coach at Juan Diego Catholic high school in Draper, UT (suburb of Salt Lake). The coaching position would be primarily in charge of policy debate instruction and correlated national travel. The position would also include teaching classes in political science and economics. Positives of the position include immense administrative support and a Co-director of Forensics(Moses Baca) that helps in all capacities, including coaching non-policy events, administrative assistance, and local and some national tournament attendence. Juan Diego also has several part time assistance that help share the load. You would also have input over whom to hire to assist in card cutting and policy coaching. Draper is also a beautiful suburb of Salt Lake. The campus is a 60 million dollar thing of beauty that was built in 1999. It is located in the landscape of a an amazing mountain range that you can look at outside your classroom windown. It is a great working environment and a very nice faculty that supports debate. The official description can be found on our employment page: http://www.jdchs.org/index.lasso?dlink=303 The position is looking to be filled quickly. If there are questions, please ask. Josh Clark joshclark@jdchs.org 714-749-4245
  2. Debaters- I have created a website with the intent of facilitating a coaches' poll for high school debate, much like they have for college debate. It is now up and is called impactranks.com. Its purpose is to publish a coaches’ poll, show updated Baker standings, and house articles about tournament results. Please check it out. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the website or its content, please email me at jreubenclark10@gmail.com -- Josh Clark Juan Diego Catholic high school
  3. Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, CA (just west of downtown LA) is seeking a full time debate coach and speech teacher for the 2008-2009 school year. The person will teach two sections of novice debate, one section of Varsity debate team that travels nationally, and one semester speech class. Strong experience in the activity is required. This is a great group of students and a very supportive administration. Please contact Sabrina Landinguin ( landinguin@ndhs.org )and/or Josh Clark ( jreubenclark@hotmail.com ) if you are interested or have questions about the job. This job posting is coming very late, so the school will look to move as quickly as possible.
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    Table of Contents This is a great starter kit for your Heidegger K for this years topic. It has a good 3 minute shell with a 2NC overview. It is complete with all the basic links you will need for the topic, including alternative energy specific links. It has good root cause, no value to life and extinction impacts. Please see the table of contents for any question about what is included. Also, please feel free to email me with any questions or help...jreubenclark@hotmail.com.

    10.00 USD

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    Table of Contents This is an affirmative that you can use at NFL if you so choose. It was a TOC affirmative that Notre Dame used for only two rounds. It has a very good defense of United States action and some very strategic answers to common counterplans that people might think of. If you have any questions, I will be very happy to answer them and forward you anything else that you might find missing with the file. It is a complete file with five add-ons and 75 pages of 2ac blocks.

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