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  1. cause yankton has school tuesday. and we need the rooms for debate rounds.
  2. yea, the scheduale is on the internet. it will be interesting to see how everything turns out
  3. Draphoenix


    I believe that Raidoo is from Lincoln
  4. Draphoenix


    do you know when that will be, cuz they are not up yet
  5. Draphoenix


    yankton will be going. and i wish i was p fo to be a part of the new technological revolution that is electronic ballots!
  6. Varsity Policy Gurney/F-bach won against merkel/mach in finals JV Policy ___________ Varsity LD Bo Pons(Yankton) won against Corbin Clearly (O'Gorman) Semis- Spencer Werth(Aberdeen) and Nichole Latimer(Yankton) JV LD Jiwin Li(Verm) won against Lisa Johnson(lincoln) Semi - Collin Michaels(yankton) and Blake Neff(lincoln)
  7. dang it, loof had serious skillz:(
  8. We are having the "feats of strength" at my house tonight, anyone is welcome!
  9. Draphoenix


    You still should have debated! jk, its alright, judging is cool. and congrats on dominating everyone, including me. but i still feel they should have separated the DX from the FX
  10. Draphoenix


    thats hella abusive! jk yea we will. btw you need to watch out for nichole, she just won another tournament!
  11. Draphoenix


    well, at first i was dreading it but after some research, it could be a very fun debate the values can be varied, more so than this one
  12. Draphoenix


    better question, whos going to montrose?
  13. Draphoenix


    Yankton will be there
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