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  1. did they also put out a neg for this case?
  2. wow i've never seen dex so pasionate about something
  3. i think at that point if no one cares then theres no problem. I realize that kind of philophospy can open unwanted doors but on this minor scale i think it holds true. I really don't think seperating the girls and the guys on gift wrapping was a huge deal esp. if what you say that everyone was ok with it was true. so yea.... i wouldn't worry to much about sexist ideals coming from your gym teacher, i honestly don't think that he was being sexist i just think he was making a generalization which he would have corrected if anyone wanted to change.
  4. ok i was actually looking for femisim fails cards, thats the level i wanted to attack patriarchy
  5. Looking for any thing that says patriarchy good
  6. are you kidding me? i have great respect for all of the people fighting for america at home and abroad but if people that are in the armed forces want to be greeted like they were when they came home from WW2 instead of Vietnam, comments like "coming from an army soliders standpoint i say shoot the bastard." will only perpetuate sterotypes against the people serving in the armed forces.
  7. but what i don't understand is whether or not my points i made were correct in my first post on this thread.. no one actually commented on those
  8. why doesn't it answer back the arguement, all you say is that with the neg's interp of debate plan text would have to be so specific that the debate would never actually be acheived on the advantages of plan text. Plus i would also argue that if we specifiy metaphysics with plan text the neg team runs the next completely generic arguement o-spec which says we simply specify too much therefore we the aff team are trapped in a circle but never end up debating the advantages to plan text
  9. when you heard it how was it run? and what was their rational behind it? was it run saying something like our interp of the rez. is like something w/o material qualifications?
  10. ok so my post was deleted because i was stupid. i decided not to edit it and make it not stupid but just delete it and get rid of the stupidity all together. my bad.
  11. Umm.... let me see the religious differences between the sunnis and the shi'tes. Hm... also thats not point that i made at all i said that no insurgency came from toppling saddam, the insurgency actually came from other things. Also way to ignore the other facts in my post i really like how you did that. YAY for people who justify genocide!!!!
  12. removing saddam did change something. It did make life better for the Kurds and freed them from many genocidal efforts of saddam. While insurgency has dramatically increased since the fall of saddam it is hardly to blame for the fall of saddam. There are many reasons for the insurgency in Iraq but getting rid of saddam isn't one. Thanks for your input. Getting rid of Al-sadr would actually change things, while an assaination by the United States probably wouldn't be the best option possibly a assination cover-up by the cia would probably be the best option when dealing with assaination. P.S. You can't compare killing Al-sadr to the arrest of Saddam because they are two completely different things. Thanks for your input though i always appreicate it.
  13. wow, input from nebraska its about time you guys started a debate program down there. I'm so glad that someone can post on cx trying to insult some people or even a style of debate that they don't even understand. Free speech is a bitch, probably the worst aspect of free speech is the fact that you can say that without any prior knowledge of debate. I hope you have fun "debating" or whatever you jackoffs do down there
  14. why do you have to take your stupidity out of the great plains threads? Its bad enough that people have to deal with your crap in there but now your spreading it.... dude seriously do you ever consider posting intelligent comments? Take zach's advice from the great plains threads
  15. could someone post these cards or pm me the cards
  16. lookin for a dadt neg pm me and i'll give you a list of what i have to trade. and don't send me a camp file i already have it
  17. even though i don't like wikipedia it's right. i confirmed it with other sites on mead's book. Even though no real parts of his book there is enough analysis to find out what people really thought and whether or not the book is a good buy. (not sure what that has to do with anything just felt like i should put a plug in for mead's book.) But from what i understand it is pretty much like everything else mead has written execpt with a new term for what he has been saying.
  18. yeahitsme


    2 blissful days and then you say it again and just end up disturbing the peace
  19. why is it that the college part of the site is less organized and less organized than that of the high school portion?
  20. yeahitsme

    WIC Card

    good arguement never thought of it that way
  21. agreed running the draft pretty much takes solvency for increasing the number of people and topicalities on sub and increase away. Not saying those arguements can't be won but they arn't easy wins.
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