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  1. Wonder

    Anthro K

    I don't know who this Scu person thinks he is.
  2. He doesn't get on here anymore, but I'll tell him. He's pretty busy.
  3. Everyone cares, everyone understands.
  4. Trotting out fucking Resolved. Also, I'm not missing any words in that video.
  5. Alright, post-revolutionstory, he says this: My problem with this is that it makes the entirety of Hardt's project seem like a response to actual armed revolution. I think he is at least suggesting here that his own body of work is the "conceptual rethinking" of revolution, and that the revolution can take place on a level where he never has to learn about what kind of guns are best for the mountains. I'm just left feeling a little empty when he says it; Hardt and his friends weren't up for a real revolution, so they had to think one up. All that said, I recognize the problems with an armed revolt, and Hardt is making the right decision in the end. It's just his phrasing (or maybe his honesty) that rubs me in the wrong way. I really thought that the documentary was great, though.
  6. Sure, but he doesn't give that reason. He's pretty explicit in stating that it didn't fit into his own plan at the time, and the way that he says it is just grating. I enjoyed the movie for the most part, though. Edit: I'm going to watch that bit again. Obviously I'm not making a very coherent point.
  7. It just leaves me resenting Hardt. The section where he speaks to the revolutionaries (in Honduras? I don't remember) and he says that an actual revolution just didn't fit in his plan. I'm perfectly fine reading Hardt and Negri, but when I hear him speak I just can't shake the thought that he's the worst of the bullshit academics who only care for theoretical actions. Whether that's true or not, meh, but listening to him speak was grating.
  8. Michael Hardt's section pisses me off so much.
  9. Wonder


    I'm sorry, no. A good actor can't save a shitty script or vision, but a good writer or director can make up for a bad performance. Inception isn't good because of the cast.
  10. Wonder


    People who dickride actors instead of screenwriters and directors are responsible for the most bullshit in the film industry. Also, I thought Inception was fantastic.
  11. I went through the book again, and short of maybe a paragraph that I've missed somewhere, 90% of Zizek's application of Kant in Living in the End Times is devoted to Kant's essay "Perpetual Peace." Also, the discussion of The Dark Knight is only a page. He then segues into a discussion of The Mask and the various remakes of I Am Legend. All of this takes place in the section titled "Hollywood Today," which I thought was pretty damn boring.
  12. I think it's unfocused. There's not a lot of meaty content for me to care about.
  13. He does, but not enough to matter, and I don't think enough to really cut cards out of it. I'll look when I get home, though I could be wrong. The new book isn't very good.
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