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  1. scottj


    Anyone have any kant or kant related files? pm me
  2. scottj

    Sudan aff help

    you dont have to, but the card can answer any team that is stupid enough to say "the situtation is getting better".
  3. scottj

    Sudan aff help

    When the Janjaweed are directly stopping aid from getting to refugee camps, and you take away the Janjaweed, then the aid can get through. I know one major problem in the camps in cholera, and with intravenous fluids being blocked from getting into the camps the problem is getting worse, I am sure this could be considered a "public health" deterrent. Along with this, there is also the fact that the Janjaweed pick out their soldiers with HIV/AIDS, and purposely have them rape women to spread the disease. I really don't think this case is "public health" T.
  4. scottj

    Sudan aff help

    And O'Hanlon talks about this, how a specific genocide prevention force would be incentive in itself for people to join. Really, your going to want your plan to do something with military intervention. As I said above, sending weapons will only feed the Janjaweed. A better question is, who are you sending the weapons to? The government, as of now, is in support and actually supplies the Janjaweed. Finding a way to give weapons to the rebels would just be counterproductive to the cause.
  5. scottj

    Sudan aff help

    Also, I don't remember what camp put it out, but this year a genocide prevention aff was put out, and in the file, there was some neg stuff. With the neg stuff was a cp involving what I was talking about above, I am sure you could find a few useful cards in the file.
  6. "Now don't get me wrong, I love animals, but I like eatin' 'em more... fun to pet, better to chew." - Jim Gaffigan
  7. scottj

    Sudan aff help

    Actually, most PHA being directed to refugees is being blocked by the Janjaweed. If you were to send direct aid to the people, you would first have to stop the Janjaweed. That is why you would most likely use the armed forces. Although, if you look hard enough, there is a bunch of stuff on how blocking and putting sanctions on US investments in Chinese Oil companies could pressure China to try to end the conflict. There are also alot of great cards that talk about China being key to stopping the genocide, especially since China has so much influence on the Janjaweed.
  8. "Rock, paper, scissors, Cheney." http://www.comedycentral.com/motherload/player.jhtml?ml_video=89059&ml_collection=&ml_gateway=&ml_gateway_id=&ml_comedian=&ml_runtime=&ml_context=show&ml_origin_url=/shows/the_colbert_report/videos/most_recent/index.jhtml&ml_playlist=&lnk=&is_large=true
  9. scottj

    TB AFF

    lol, a delay cp.
  10. A book that you can purchase either at the camp, or when you get home. And read at either place too. It is a fiction book too, as in none of it has really happened, fake. You are going to spend 1500$+ on camp, and you are going to whine about having to wait a couple of weeks to read a book. I hope I see you there so I can be "that guy" who spoils the ending for you.
  11. Almost like GG Allin except without the shit and the heroin.
  12. scottj

    Kierkegaard Aff

    I would consider genocide to be detrimental to public health. I think the affirmative acts as an advocacy and a commitment to stop genocide. I think that is a good debate, and I think that it can be won. Individual action = K to change That is to be expected.
  13. I am struggling with finding a viable alternative.
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