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  1. Hey peeps. Just want to put my message out. Vote Paul/Clegg in for mod of the national circuit forum this monday! 3 things u won't have to deal with if Paul's elected mod: 1.) n00bs 2.) 2Nrs 3.) Ppl who don't tell you hey
  2. Oooohhh...very fine selection indeed. I was wondering who would go with the dark horse. My hat is tipped dood. Still leading in the polls however, Paul "u aint never seen a 2NC like this" Clegg
  3. ey bub i hear u for sure man. The rents never lay off me. Just say hey at least im not some novice punk
  4. O Definitely no doubt mike's a great kid. but does he have the skills needed? Clegg combines a really sweet 2NR with charisma and a little OOOMMPPFFF. In my book : Clegg > Klinger
  5. Let's make the list bubs. 1.) Paul Clegg
  6. The college topics should be out shortly. Be Patient now!
  7. If any of you have ever seen the show ESPN, I say I debate to pwn the novices on my team. Get them out! Paul
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