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  1. Who is still in from South Dakota/the surrounding area? Results for all events welcome. Thanks.
  2. you too

    Jesus Kritik

    1) weber is the name of the school (weber state)-- not some author. opencaselist.wikispaces.com 2) the arg is not about the existence of god at all. when we heard the k (earlier this year), it was called "the golden calf." their argument was simple-- market liberalization (obviously more relevant for the college topic than the high school one) props up the market and cap. too often we think of the market as the savior-- if we can only manage to liberalize everything, if we can only get to 100% free trade, we can solve all of our problems. the impact is dystopia, cap bad impacts, globalization, and the misappropriation of causality-- i.e., as long as we're human, we'll have sinful natures and won't be able to solve-- the market makes this clear. the alternative was an embrace of the eucharist to literally feed the poor and a rejection of market-as-god. args that god does not exist are somewhat irrelevant-- if they win that we should break our bodies to feed the poor, period, they don't need to win that god exists per se.
  3. looking for the SEVIS aff that UTNIF put out on the civil liberties topic. in case the name of the file is different, it's all about the restrictions the us has on student visas. greatly appreciated. let me know what you need.
  4. to return to the original purpose of the thread, would someone mind posting who from the area broke?
  5. i've been away far too long. all of a sudden, cross-x is a 3rd grade version of sportscenter. i've never heard of a decision that wasn't decisive. who is this guy?
  6. no. you are correct. unless the plaques are wrong.
  7. that's a lovely idea, alex. thanks to the audience members that always seemed to shift in their chairs and let off that familiar hum right around the time the announcer read my name. it made going through the whole thing again and again bearable. mach, a heck of a ride. nice work, bro. thanks to those novice that kept tabs. i was in those shoes at one time, looking up at the giants and wondering how it would feel to squash david. and then david steps up. that's a great feeling, and it is coming soon. hang in. thanks especially to those that mustered up the nerve to say hello in the hallways. that means the world-- this community is indeed worth our time. thanks to militarism. wow, one more round, and we would have had it. i swear. same with senior corps. it would have been a virtual holoca...wait, i shouldn't say that. it would have been bad. we would have won. thanks to dahle for getting me on the right track as far as speech order. many thanks to the ones that seem to have been there forever-- the coaches that define south dakota debate. i think you know who you are. thanks to my pants for showing up at all but one tournament. thanks to shelly...
  8. okay. that's what i thought would happen. i just didn't realize they would go back and change something three months old. very interesting.
  9. just a question about qualifying. considering the general lack of focus on stucon in south dakota, what would happen if one were to fill out the quals sheet so that stucon was the first choice and the ie the second choice, and then that person were to qualify in the ie? if that person also qualified in stucon, how would they decide who would go for the ie? don't worry. i didn't. i was just thinking about it.
  10. benjamin franklin. “If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect.” – Benjamin Franklin and in the words of michael scott, "i would have to say that ben franklin was probably one of our sexiest presidents."
  11. you too


    there was another one? seriously? what was the deal this time?
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