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  1. allred

    Trobaugh's Birthday!

    I have to agree with Kunzelman here. I always thought that Trobaugh just "happened". Hmm...
  2. Thanks for totally posting on my thread, Amber...
  3. I am going to a tournament in a few weeks, and I am trying to find a good DA that is uncommon. Any suggestions?
  4. Although I have a very well rounded diet (I am somewhat into bodybuilding), I LOVE meat. Even besides the great source of protein, I just really love meat in general. And working at a burger place probably doesn't help me stay away from meat... I tend to be almost strictly policy, although if I have to, I will run a more basic K. The K just never really did much for me. On a personal note: What's up Scu???!!!
  5. So who all is coming (at this point)? Trion is bringing Varsity: Kunzelman/McWhorter Allred/Helms JV: (I'm not sure about partners) Warner Roehl Broome Dennis Extemp: Amber Rabun
  6. Peace Corps in Afghanistan Marriage Restriction/Positive Peace Positive Peace Corps Wildfires Gays in the Peace Corps If anyone has heard these, could you tell me what the story on them is? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  7. I am trying to prep for an upcoming tournament, and I just realized that I need answers to the Linguists case. Does anyone have case neg that they might be willing to share or trade? PM me if you are interested. Thanks.
  8. Yeah, I guess "would a judge buy it?" would have been a better question. Has anyone actually heard this case?
  9. Does such a case actually exist? How could it be topical?
  10. allred

    Junior Writing Test

    I don't know, but I think they probably do have a cap on it. I can't see that many people getting a 580 and nothing higher. I seriously haven't heard of anything better than 580...
  11. allred

    Junior Writing Test

    I don't know, but I am pretty happy, I suppose.
  12. allred

    Junior Writing Test

    Yeah, it will probably be a while.
  13. Yeah, now that I spend more time thinking about it, I think that I won't be joining the Peace Corps. Instead, I think that once I graduate I am going to move to Brazil or Asia and take martial arts training. Once completed, I think I will try to make it into the UFC. I think that would probably be a whole lot cooler than the Peace Corps.
  14. allred

    Baseball is dead

    I am going to cry...for a very long time. *sob* WTF?
  15. Gay marriage can't solve for any military advantages. (AKA the only reason I don't ever run it.)
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