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  1. Lowell High School - Lowell Forensic Society is pleased to welcome Gerard Grigsby as the new Policy Debate Coach. Gerard brings over 15 years of policy debate coaching experience in both collegiate NDT debate and high school.
  2. Perhaps the award isn't meant to "critique aristocratic elitism" and created in memory of a debater that died in an accident. Perhaps it was designed that way based on the wishes of those close to her that created that scholarship...
  3. magicmasterk

    St. Francis

    Semis was Lowell SS v. Nevada Union FW Lowell CM v. CPS PS Finals was CPS PS v. Nevada Union FW I didn't stay for finals.
  4. magicmasterk

    St. Francis

    Elim Round Qualifiers CK McClatchy BW (Melissa Boettner & August Wissmath) CK McClatchy GS (Jack Gugino & John Spurlock) CPS GY (Elsa Givan & Nicholas Yan) CPS PS (Alec Pillsbury & Varun Santhanam) Lowell CM (Sophia Chan & Julian Manasse-Boetani) Lowell SS (Stephanie Sin & Catherine Suen) Nevada Union FW (Dylan Fitzwater & Olivia Weilman-Lawrence) Nevada UNion SS (Stefan Stackhouse & John Stuart) Quarters 9 AM Sunday..
  5. Something came up in our Diocesan League so it doesn't look like we're going after all at this point. I'll keep this thread updated if we do end up going again.
  6. I'd normally agree with pretty much all the advice on the thread. There are a lot of pros and cons of breaking out a new aff but most of those apply on the circuit. aka one of the biggest risks is the neg reads their generic stuff that they're really good at like wipeout (and that they might have run anyways) with the added disadvantage of not having the experience with the new aff. The CA State Tournament gets ripped on every year I've been involved in the community and here's the common complaint: you have all lay rounds. In fact they intentionally make it that way. What's the difference? To be successful at state you need case arguments, sound persuasive and talk purty, and/or generic neg strategies easily explainable to a lay judge. This is where a new aff is golden. They won't have case arguments if it really is new. If you wrote a good new aff, most of their generics they have just in case won't apply so if you suck in sounding persuasive and talking pretty you have a much better shot. If you planned on winning (and if I qualed any teams this year I would be working on this myself) I'd cut new affs to break out every round, at least 3. The neg has a greater likelihood of convincing the bus driver / parent / IE coach to eat his/her ballot than to vote on malthus or wipeout.
  7. I'm looking for two judges for NCFL weekend. That's memorial day weekend, May 29th and 30th. Their schedule isn't up yet but I believe it is five rounds on saturday plus elimination rounds on sunday. We'd prefer judges that can transport themselves there. We'll put you up in a hotel but you'll need to share a room with the other judge. Its in Omaha Nebraska this year so I'd prefer judges in that region. We provide compensation per round and for availability for out-rounds even ones you don't called to actually judge but we're committed to. Caveats: pick up ballots on time and turn them in early and follow the tournament rules. wake up really early both days. If we get fined for any missed ballots or what not, that will come out of your paychecks so please follow their rules. They're really big on crazy fines. Preferred qualifications: You know how to flow, you debated in high school and/or college at some point. If you're interested backchannel me and we can negotiate details at kkozakur@gmail.com Kenneth Kozakura Assistant Debate Coach Lowell High School, San Francisco
  8. That must have been a while ago because Teddy now coaches with USC and he's been doing that for a few years. Orion is coaching with Fullerton I believe or at least judges for them. McBride is at USC. Their team last year was Alyssa Lucas-Bolin and Evan Matthews. They were coached by Jason Peterson and qualified to the NDT last year. Alyssa's now debating for UNLV. Sam Iola and Jake Ziering have been debating under the Redlands banner this year. I'm not sure what coaching they get if any or what resources they use.
  9. JP: are all the letters out that are going to be out and is there still space in the seniors lab? One of my debaters, Stephanie Sin, applied to your program but has not received any form of response from you guys. Kenneth Kozakura Lowell HS
  10. Does anyone know if anyone (Tournament Director/Coach) has actually used this? I think a service like this mainly benefits smaller programs or coaches that don't have many "connections" in the community. This is a really small number of people because those would only be coaches whose teams travel the national circuit and/or tournament directors that want a national circuit pool but don't have the connections to do so "normally". Usually you just pool from your local college debate teams, alumni, or former/current college debaters you know. It only really works if judges actually sign up for the service. Any statistics on judges registered? I think the idea is very interesting though.
  11. I'll give it a 2 assuming you mean topical discussions versus the performative discussions germane to ag subsidies. Those tend to be more "interesting" on any topic.
  12. Sam, this is a great service your providing. Would my whole squad be able to use one password or is it only good for one user. -Kenneth
  13. Some of Cal teams also run this on the neg. There are probably cites on opencaselist. They combine Nayar and Kappeler. That just adds different link arguments and they don't really contradict. ie. Kappeler's talking about taking personal responsibility towards violence in your everyday life and Nayar is talking about global ordering being problematic. Two links.
  14. BUMP there are 19 teams currently entered in open and 7 in novice. Anyone else planing on going? Right now CK McClatchy, Nevada Union, Lowell, Sage Ridge, Douglas and Menlo-Atherton are participating.
  15. My post wasn't an attack on you. I was elaborating on what I know of the bay area and SoCal UDL for people that don't know about UDLs... Coaches that need to make a living off debate probably need a bit more money than free those that do tend to have a full time job doing something else or teach another subject in high school. But it's still tough and I don't know if there's a single coach that does this job for money. They do it out of their love of the activity.
  16. lots of people that work less than that an hour and pretty much for free. Some UDLs might work differently but the ones I know form an agreement with different school districts to at least match some of the funding to different "urban" school programs. The goal of a UDL is a temporary one, at least in theory, that there will be a point that the UDL won't be needed and the member schools can fall into the existing NFL infrastructure. Pretty much all the coaches are nearby college debaters or former college and hs debaters and most work for free and advise the programs.
  17. Since I don't think there is a thread yet, who's planning to go to the Holiday Round Robin hosted by Sacramento Jesuit? http://www.joyoftournaments.com/ca/svfl-cxrr/info.asp?p=1 To those on the fence, it was a great tournament with great food and great judging last year.
  18. Jim: why did you change the name from Scholars to Champions? How come matt isn't running the lab anymore?
  19. Bump again, the deadline for applications is only a few days away now. It is November 30th. I've gotten a few emails now of interest. I'll also reply to any general questions here on this thread and I do check PMs on this site. Again if you are on the fence, our application process is incredibly easy relative to the UCs/Private Colleges/Out of CA Schools so I encourage everyone to apply and to visit. If you are planning/scheduled to visit, please sign up for Tours in our University Union that I believe can be done the day of. However you can also schedule an appointment with our coaches and I'm sure they'd be glad to answer any other program questions you may also have.
  20. I think there are two issues here that I think we need to separate. 1. Should former debaters be paid to judge? I do it not for the pay. I think it is nice when I do get paid for coaching and judging I do. That said, I'm not trying to make a living off debate, I'm a college student still. But lets face it, college kids are broke, a lot of us are and we can use the extra-cash. I think we originally started the pay structure as more of a "thank you" to judges for their time and its sorta norm to have paid judges. Lets take a bid tournament, thats hundreds of miles away. They still need judges? Who would spend their own money to fly to a tournament to judge and get nothing? There clearly should be re-imbursement and the amount is debateable. I'm probably not going to fly to Glenbrooks out of my own generosity unless I'm at least compensated for my plane ticket. Lets distinguish giving back to the community by judging for your alma matter to going broke to help the community. 2. If that is established if there ALREADY paid judges, shouldn't they be paid on-time and/or treated fairly I think this is a duh issue. Its like an implicit contract and I see this breached a lot. Too many tournaments don't pay judges on time and treat their time as meaningless. I think this is in the long-term detrimental to a tournament's judging pool because tournaments notorious for this "pay delay" or never-pay, stop attracting judges.
  21. I do give lower speaks to the tool sometimes really low speaks depending on how bad they are. I do think I reward more than others "tool-ers" that don't tool. What I mean by that are clearly higher level debaters relative to their partners not feeding everything to their partner but obviously still helping out. I think there are good forms of prompting that are often necessary in a round but I think there is an obnoxious threshold. If I believe that the "tool-er" is too overbearing I will dock her/his speaks. Do they deserve 1st Speaker probably not, is it likely they would be higher ranked speaker wise with a tool than with a person of equal level, yes. Judges give speaker points very subjectively. I think the more judging experience you have, you begin to standardize your speaks more but it is still relative to the debaters in the round. If you won the round, chances are one of your team is ranked 1st speaker. Most likely in the tooling case that would be the Tooler while the tool might actually get 3rd/4th round speaker. Amongst large distances in skill level, judges tend to elevate the tooler more in speaks than they might have if it was an even partnership. That said, it is REALLY hard to tool a partner, when you do that you are doing twice the work. Is it far for your partner? Probably not but its something to consider.
  22. jon sharp is the current co-director of debate at the University of Kentucky. To my knowledge he also co-chairs the TOC committee with Roger Solt. I think he still teaches the Kentucky Fellows Lab and the SNFI Swing Lab. When he was my lab leader around 4 years ago, he told me but I forget. I think it was something about how capital letters shows importance and individuality or something like that and he didnt like it.
  23. Bump, I just checked, the freshmen application deadline is November 30th so any interested high school seniors still have a few weeks to get in your applications. Good luck to those that have applied early decision and those that have already applied.
  24. Coaches can judge the tournament. If you are/know a coach that wants to get involved I would email Jason Sykes the camp director. They also have or at least had a few years ago a pretty good coaching workshop. I think members of the coaching workshop have the option of judging during the camp tournament.
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