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  1. I can check, I think I still have the flows somewhere. You could also possibly ask the other team if they can make a copy of the ballot for you just cause I probably won't remember exactly what I was thinking after the round. Yeah, was interested in seeing who qualled to Nats but I guess the Missouri Cross-X board is dead. I think it's your choice what impacts you want to run, but if you're not running terminal impacts you will need to preempt the impact analysis debate because otherwise the opposing team will win that terminal impacts outweigh and bypass all your impacts. I think if you prep out a strong block on this, this can also have some strategic value.
  2. You don't need to run terminal impacts, but you should be able to provide an alternative way to evaluate the round beyond comparing the expected value of impacts and you should ideally have evidence and analytics to defend that framework.
  3. Wait a minute, wait a minute, you ain't seen nothing yet!
  4. A true Randy Pierce Classic.
  5. Try emailing the Pattonville coach?
  6. Probably because the name "Zalmay Khalilzad" is awesome.
  7. JChen

    E-mo mshsaa

    So I voted on J today. I think I feel a little dirty.
  8. JChen

    E-mo mshsaa

    Sems was: Marquette Johnson/Gummi (AFF) vs. Parkway West Yasin/Andersen (NEG) (Bell, White, Flucke) Parkway South Zhao/?? (AFF) vs. Jefferson City Richardson/Crossnoe (NEG) (Chen, Seligmann, ??)
  9. JChen

    E-mo mshsaa

    Well, when you go for everything, stuff from the 1NR sorta has to get thrown in there somewhere...
  10. JChen

    E-mo mshsaa

    What, everybody knows that 1N/2A's are better, but they just get hosed in perception because everybody neglects the strategic importance of the 1NR...
  11. JChen

    E-mo mshsaa

    Apparently Ladue is sending post-novs or something like that. I'll probably show up for a bit on Saturday to judge. I think Jason will be there too.
  12. JChen

    Ozark NFL

    People realize there are several NFL and MSHSAA districts in Missouri, right? It'd be nice if people titled their threads with at least which district they were talking about.
  13. JChen

    e-mo districts

    Tentatively, qualifiers are: Marquette Flint/Johnson Marquette Gummi/Ahal Parkway Central Du/Gururaj
  14. Oh god that hurts my eyes.
  15. Well, I think the other team might complain if you already deserved the loss...
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