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  1. yeah thanks however im looking for some neg topicality that says CSI is extra topical i need a card that says it solves for more than just d w/o charge and search w/o p.cause
  2. i am trying to create a topicality argument saying CSI is extra t. however, i cant find a card that says that CSI solves for more than detain w/o charge and search without probable cause if anyone has this case and solvency cards that they could give me i'd like them thanks a lot i aprruciate it
  3. hello what is the idea behind csi could someone help me locate any evidenece maybe someone who has a csi case some solvecny outside of search without probable cause and detain without charge thanks
  4. if you can help me i would appruciate it very much A) what is the idea (sample pt would be nice) of CSI?? If you know where could i find a card that says CSI solves for more than just search without probable cause? thank you so much i apprucaite your time
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