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  1. 1. fiat theory. 2. turn the NB whatever it is 3. perm. always perm. 4. find some lit saying x state has influence over tons of states. then find more lit saying that x state would say no and spill. if they can't answer this, it's game over. 5. solvency attacks 6. make sure they read out all 50 states, if they don't, more theory add-on. 7. if you wanna be funny, find a guy/girl named USFG or something close to america and state that cp impossible cuz he can't be 50 states at one time. 8. agent cp theory bad 9. if the cp is just the plan with a con con, then theory pics. 10. make sure your aff has USFG key cards that you can cross apply. 11. backlash DA to state politics.
  2. i've emailed nightshadow and given him a pm without a reply. starting to wonder if he's even on and if he's not, who else do i email to get my name in the judging list.
  3. If you do and can provide a place to sleep, Jonathan Pablo and I (joseph barquin) would be happy to judge for you. conact me via pm please
  4. hmmm. 9 off 4 procedurals 2 conditional counterplans 3 das case solvency turns. if he doesn't like K's, then fine by me.
  5. ... I hate where this is going. Here's what you do in a cap k when it's all you're gonna run. Pre-empts Links impacts good alts perm answers HAVE FUN. Don't listen to people who try to over analayze the philosophy of going 1 off. If it's what you want to do, do it. If you feel that it's fun and want to do it some more instead of running other stuff, then that's cool too. So what if T is a great foundation for debate? So what if the K is complex and hard to understand? If it's what you want to do and you're passionate about it, then do it. Debate is debate. Do what YOU want to do and not what anyone else thinks you should do.
  6. depends on the stance in which fism is taken. is it a states or gov't fism aff and from there i'll get my links for the rev, multiple theory positions, case, and maybe a rev independent da
  7. Padres did well trading away peavy with the payroll problems the team has been in. Clayton Richards has already had a positive impact on the padres. He works fast, throws strikes, and has a fastball that can induce grounders like nothing else. IF he can get over the 5-6 inning problems he seems to be having with control, we may a good top of the rotation with young and clayton
  8. lightdruid111


    tab is great until the debaters don't tell you how the round should be judged. then you're left with your own way of figuring out how the round should go.
  9. I wish I lived in the San Jose area. I'd go crazy over this.
  10. We can combine it and call it mutated fiat
  11. My problem is that in order for your plan to come about, you would need multiple fiats. 1. dissolve the gov't 2. the former U.S.A then will go into anarchy and not the many alternatives out there. The problem with this aff is the neg would just be one huge impact turn. I can see a team dumping at least 8 levels of impact turns on this aff as well as a few T blocks. The K links would also be jumping at me so badly here. And there are several pieces of evidence saying that if the U.S. dissolves, anarchy isn't what would be the replacement... you'd have to beat the strong rhetoric of some of those authors.
  12. If a perm is ME but the neg doesn't point it out and basically dropped the perm in the block, the aff just has to briefly explain the perm in the 2ar and i'll vote for it. I refuse to judge based on whether or not something may or not be true in my mind. if my flow says that there's a perm and the neg doesn't argue it, it's game over.
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