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  1. i will contribute my SCASD file to join the pool sideras8@gmail.com i think that the overall access to files is the best way since people do get screwed quite a few times.
  2. I do know that there is a thing that says just funding boomer corps is HUGE and then just have that be a link to fiscal DA. Also argue a T on effects because htey probably never show on case how they really do get numbers they just say they do. That is what I woudl do, and run generic stuff about Ageism K or something. I dont think any camp has put stuff out on Boomer Corps but I coudl be wrong.
  3. wow, ill take a copy just to look over it for T and generic DA's to link to. sideras8[at]gmail[dot]com
  4. i see them on teh site and download the torrent but when i try to extract it with uTorrent it isnt downloading at all...any ideas?
  5. Yeah I sent an email to him to see if he is still going to do. Just wondering if I shoudl go trade with someone else to get the JDI file not sure.
  6. I wish i woudl have know that some people run DAs that don't link to case, have nothing to deal with the topic just to make you confused, oh and then people run horrible theory arguements so you dont know what is going on. Some kid ran a-spec when i said "CONGRESS PASSES ERPA of 04" OH NO WE LOST GROUND LOOK AT THE GENERIC PLAN! NO WAY WE KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON! HOW CAN WE RUN A CP ON CONGRESS!!!
  7. For those cases I am going to run theory on Aff running minor repair, unless the AFF changes policy funding is nothing but a little change in status quo
  8. Yeah...if you say women aren't people I would answer with something to the extent that claiming that is sexist and that is what our country is doing and it is wrong. Also I have a card that says allowing women raise numbers. :\
  9. I have stuff that says I get equality for women which is one advantage and then Winning War on terror because we need soldiers. I can solve one advantage and have a lot of defense against women bad for military. I just need something like "Women allowed in Military increases numbers" something to that extent.
  10. I'm working on my camp case and I was wondering if anyone had a card that said something to the effect that women in military increase numbers? Right now I have everything I just have to prove that when plan is passed I can get numbers to increase.
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