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  1. I have SDI (Full) I'd be willing to trade you for DDI or Mich.
  2. I have SDI and Miami and would be happy to trade for michigan, depending wchich michigan you have
  3. i have UTNIF, both sessions, email me at kevin2577@gmail.com if anyone wants to trade
  4. I will havee Stanford (Accelerated) in about 3 weeks, as soon as it's over. I'm gettig UT soon too. So let me know
  5. I have U Chicago Spark from 2002. It's like 150 pages. PM me and we'll set soemthing up
  6. Damien ran two affs at CSUF that we saw. They ran one about stopping polygraph testing at the department of energy becase it was scaring all the good scientists away or something, and another about stopping searches of the chemical industry because it hurts the industry and will lead to unsafe chemical exchange overseas somehow. Hard to remember details, long time ago. Hope this helps
  7. We're looking for a part-time policy coach for our little school in Anaheim. E-mail me @ kevin2577@gmail.com if you're interested
  8. Yeah I have the five week stuff. AIM or PM me so we can set up a trade
  9. I've got some of those too. PM me so we can set soemthing up
  10. Yeah, I would go with a no on that strategy. Few judges will vote for it even if you do win it, which is unlikely because not only is it hard to defend anyway, but you'll get killed on the argument that there's no bright-line for beuty and non-beauty. Unless you can come up with a stict defined way to separate beauty and beast, I think you're out of luck
  11. Is there a sort of policy debate handbook available that I can share with my new partner?
  12. I have stanford's and UT's, Spartan's, and UNT. So PM me if you need any of them
  13. Yeah... My partner is going to another school in another state next year and he's the only other policy debater at my school. So I'm gonna train my other friend and see if she can possibly go to institute but I was wondering how to deal with a mismatched team like that, as far as speaking positions and stuff. Also, any help on how to give someone a crash course in policy would be helpful too.
  14. I have a spark file from, I think Chicago, I'm not sure where its from but its almost 200 pages. What can you offer in exchange?
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