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  1. I need one. (Nat K) Im: Diedofcrack911 supernima@hotmail.com I'll trade for it.
  2. I have state on thursday and im wondering if any one on this forum has files that they consider to be "Holy". I need like really strong positions, DA's, Homemade arguements. PLease Help!!! I know most of your season are over, but i'd appreciate some assistance. Again. Strong positions, DA's, Homemade arguements that are round winners. Please...IM: Diedofcrack911 OR. if you can't reach me on aim...please email them to me at supernima@hotmail.com I really appreciate your help. thx
  3. There is an AFF in my district that Bans the draft. i need A2: Gendercide Advantage, A2: Military Readiness (they claim that by banning draft war won't happen and crap like that which will help military readiness), also...if you have A2: Slavery. THey claim that draft is slavery I HAVE STATE ON THURSDAY! I NEED THESE. Please help IM: Diedofcrack911 Supernima@hotmail.com
  4. I need two cards: 1) Privacy violations destroy democracy 2) A reall good impact to democracy. Like democracy itself not being upheld== really bad Please just post them up here if you have them.
  5. I Have: Hollow Hope DA Court Ligitamacy Abortion AFF action Euthanasia I need something else though. if you guys know of any. Like something outstanding that can win me a round as a net benifit to a congress CP. if you guys know of one IM: diedofcrack911 or supernima@hotmail.com I really need some ideas and files. ill trade heavy
  6. Does anyone have a camp files with a lot of good answers 2 K?
  7. I have districts coming up and i need some theory arguements. I have the camp files but i want some homemade stuff. If you guys have any homemade theory arguements on things like say politics DA's, then please post or email them to me at supernima@hotmail.com
  8. wait. so there are no sites like the /work.com one out there that u guys no of?
  9. Are there anymore like the http://www.cross-x.com/work like i need some more stuff like that. is anyone aware of something similar?
  10. Does anyone have any cards on Venezuela at least? ill make the DA and post a link once its done..
  11. Hey guys. i was wondering if anyone knew of some good sites for evidence. i have the cdedebate site. are there any others that you guys know about??
  12. I need help understanding this. LIke i get 0% of it. someone help.
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