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  1. Okay so none of this needs to be taken too seriously but here are a few "fun" cases i've been working on...feel free to add your own crazy ideas...just remember dont get too serious, sometimes it's better to just mess around..espescially 3 months before most of us even start practice on the topic #1. Resolved: The United States federal government should establish a policy substantially increasing the number of persons serving in one or more of the following national service programs: AmeriCorps, Citizen Corps, Senior Corps, Peace Corps, Learn and Serve America, Armed Forces; by cloning current members of the program(s) on a volunteer basis. #2. ;By outsourcing membership in the Program(s) to <insert counrtyhere(i like india)> #3. The U.S. supreme court will rule that all mamals currently serving in the program(s) have the status of persons. the third might be something that i develop further, just lemme know what you think.
  2. Cameron University 2 weeks bobes_13@hotmail.com
  3. plus how would the UNITED NATIONS do anything within the U.S.? espescially with national service
  4. what a spending DA? or 19 forums about this
  5. Actually ritual suicide is also a good way to avoid a spec argument
  6. the eventual shutdown of the NCCC will only lose the jobs of 81 people...81 is in no way significant...there are strong t's against such a small number secondly aff doesnt increase anything it just stops those 81 persons from losing their jobs
  7. huge problems for the Americorps funding plan 1) zero inherency...bush isn't shutting down anything big he's cutting 81 jobs by eventually (as in he hasnt yet)shutting down the NCCC 2)not topical...even if you were inherent all you are doing is giving back 81 jobs...thats the most any solvency eveidence can guarantee if you can find it 3)Americorps NCCC inefective...the NCCC spends 3 times as much money as the other two Americorps projects so revitalizing that would be grossly ineffecient which links to a nice spending DA
  8. i'd love to help but i'm in freaking Oklahoma so i miss alot of camp's, i do however go to Cameron Universitie's camp so if you're interested just let me know...of course my partner (ace) is going to the same camp so it really doesnt matter
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