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  1. phantastic and he1314 - Do you have torrent experience before (preferably on private trackers)? If you don't, you could easily get frustrated right now. The site doesn't have any real files on it yet - it's just in the testing phase. If you haven't used torrents a lot in the past, you may want to wait until we go live (and start using "real" files) Coda - You should get one soon
  2. brhs09 - I sent you a PM about it. Ernie - You should get an invite soon. JPDebater - Don't take this as insulting, but do you have experience with torrents? If not, you could cause yourself more frustration once you encounter some bugs with the site. Right now we're just testing everything...we're not quite live yet. mybloodyvalentine - You should get an invite shortly. llevaz - look at my reply to JP ^ ^ ^. Don't get me wrong - it'd be great for you to contribute, I just don't want you to get a bad impression while it's buggy. KookiePhoenix - I sent you a PM.
  3. xskeetlikeawaterhosex - I sent you a PM about the invite Audioslave and Tomak - I sent you guys an invite Synergy - What's your e-mail address? Please PM it to me Coolmew - Sounds awesome. Remind me when you get back in the summer and I'll make sure you get an invite The K - Do you have past experience with torrents? UserNameGame - What do you mean? If you have a problem with the rules, re-read my first post: Fisheromen - I don't have a whole lot of time now, but later I'll be able to give you a few (there are lots of reasons why torrents are better than, say, FTP or HTTP sites. I'll probably put them on the FAQ - I'll let you know when I do. A few people also sent me PMs about invites - you should have received a reply PM about it.
  4. As some of you may know, the last couple of years we've tried some torrent sites to share policy debate files. In the past, they haven't been done very well. We're going to try again this year, with a completely polished, from-the-ground-up approach. Hope you're impressed. But (oh yes, there's a but), to make sure that I weed out the bugs and prevent abuse, I'm going to roll it out slowly. I'm gonna start ASAP (this next week) to ensure that everything's ready to go when camps come around. Here's how it's going to work: -Invites only (for now and forever). It's similar to most torrent sites out there. -I will be in control of a limited number of invitations at the beginning. As time progresses, those users will get invites, and so forth. -I need people that are willing to test it, especially in the next few weeks. Reply here (or PM me) if you have a basic knowledge of torrents (it'd be great if you know how to make them) and would be willing to help. Here's the URL: http://db8torrent.nfshost.com/ The scripts were added and edited in about an hour's time. If you want to test, PM me or reply below. If you have ideas for improvement, PM me or reply below. It'd also be great if we had one person from each major camp dedicated to helping out - would someone be willing to compile a list of the major camps and keep track of who's attached to each? (separate thread please...I'll link to it here, though) If you do not know what torrenting is, read this for a quick (horribly written) introduction to the basics. If you are on a slow Internet connection (or do not want to wait for GBs upon GBs of files to download), send me an e-mail ( db8torrent [at] gmail [dot] com ) or PM me with your e-mail address, because I'm planning on possibly doing something else related (don't worry, I won't spam you at all). Any changes will be made here, so keep an eye on this opening post.
  5. Yeah, you're seeding if: 1) You have downloaded the file(s), 2) You have uTorrent running, 3) uTorrent shows the file on the list of "Downloaded", and 4) If you didn't delete / move the files after you downloaded them. To make a torrent in uTorrent, go Start -> Create New Torrent (or something like that...I'm not at my normal computer now). At the top, select the "Add File" or "Add Folder" button. Unless you're only adding one .pdf, .doc, etc...you'll want Add Folder. Choose the camp folder and add it. Then, under the Announce URL part, put http://tpb.tracker.prq.to/announce Then Create the torrent (save it somewhere you won't forget). E-Mail me the .torrent file at: db8torrent@gmail.com
  6. I'm not at my uTorrent-ed computer right now, but I believe it's just displayed as one of the items on the list of torrents. http://download.utorrent.com/screenshots/utorrent4.png There's a screenshot. See "ratio"? Between Uploaded and Avail. The tracker is the system that keeps track (sunofagun) of the torrent's seeds, leechers, etc...by loading the torrents from the website, your program (uTorrent) can find out the tracker(s) and use that to find other users. Does that make any sense at all?
  7. So....the website, as of now, is back up! http://db8torrent.nfshost.com/ The only thing is....I had to re-upload the .torrents to TPB's website. (Some problem with their servers deleted it). I'm not sure if the new torrents will hold the same seeders that the previous ones did. It's the exact same .torrent file and same announce and tracker and everything, so it should work. Can someone test? The site should look the same as before, with all links working.
  8. I have no idea what's up with TPB, but something is wrong. The pages with the db8 torrents aren't there, it won't let me login (for any account, not just db8torrent)...hmmm....I think the tracker is still working, just not their website. Does anyone know of any other tracker services that also allow you to upload the .torrents to their servers? I would have to re-configure the mining code, but it shouldn't be too hard to change sites. Hopefully TPB will be fixed by the end of the day. If it is, then I can put Emory on the site. Until then....I've attached a .zip file with all the torrents (Emory, LDI, PD, UNT Pre-Camp, and UTNIF Pre-Camp). You can download and run them like normal. Would it be easier just to host the actual .torrent files here? I could update the original post with all the links......I'll go ahead and do that now, and we can revert to the site form later if TPB gets back up. torrents1.zip EMORY.zip
  9. Thanks, and it works perfectly. However, TPB won't let me log in now (don't worry - their trackers are working ). This means that I can't get it on the site yet. Until then, you can either 1) wait until it starts working again, or 2) PM me or GasBag and we'll send you the .torrent file as an attachment. But keep checking the site - that's the first place to go...
  10. TPB did get busted by Swedish police, but they're back up and everything. Last I heard, they're still legal in Sweden. We could use other trackers. I've download torrents using several different Announce URLs. Anyone know of any other good trackers we could use? EDIT: You seeders out there rock! At least on my end, it looks like we have 6-7-6-5 seeders for each file (LDI, PD, UNT, UTNIF)
  11. w00 h00...already fixed. It was a problem with stupid Windows Firewall and randomized ports. Anyway.....LDI is working. Right now, I'm giving it to two people (someone's using Azureus and Comcast...someone else uTorrent with Cox...who are you?) with a total download speed of 2.0 Kbps (sorry). It says 30 min. until both people have the files, and then I'm assuming you guys will seed for everyone else (please?).
  12. I'm the only one with LDI currently. I put it on highest bandwidth priority, and it's telling me there are 2 peers (aka leechers)....but for some reason, it's not making the transfer. Stupid 19.2 Kbps dial-up internet! I'm going to try to keep it up all night and throughout tomorrow (with occasional re-connects). Hopefully it will work by tomorrow night.
  13. I'm seeding all four files. The problem is that I'm on a super slow dial-up connection, and it doesn't always keep the tracker updated correctly (methinks). For those of you interested in seeding (and getting free evidence ), I'd queue them up...eventually they're bound to work. If they don't, let me know which ones are being troublesome, and I'll temporarily disable the rest. gunkit - did you get it working? What problems are you having? Is it with the site or the .torrents?
  14. I'll second for 7-zip. It's amazing, and it opens zips, rars, and has it's own 7zip archiver. I would never go back to WinZIP, WinRAR, or anything else.
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