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  1. Wait.. that's NOT the point of a 2AR? Shit. No one ever told me this. I guess I'll have to work on this. : )
  2. I am looking for any and all FGM cases that people would be willing to send me. Even if it is just a 1AC, it could potentially help EMAIL: sivispacemparabellum08@gmail.com AIM: sivispacem08 Thanks in advance!
  3. This is basically Doug saying "Don't let this year be the 20th year in a row shitty judges have sent at least one bad team to nationals" Except Doug is too nice top go around saying things like that. : ) Pokemon For Life
  4. There always does seem to be over 5 feet of snow on the ground whenever I'm leaving Truman/Chrisman... but it's still fun! For BSHS I don't even know who is coming with Mike and I but I know we'll be there. Is there anyway we could check and see what the judging pool is looking like for Chrisman? I would love to have a flow or two... Maybe 3? lol Much Love Clark
  5. I love how all Missouri debate forums turn into arguments within 10 posts. lol. Congrats to Belton. You won the tournament, which is good. But you also know the best competition wasn't there. But thats not your fault. You beat who was given to you, however you had to. So, Congrats to you for winning, and I look forward to seeing you guys this year. And btw I <3 Lauren Knoth!! lol
  6. It's almost that time of the year where we have to start writing (or together from camp files) the cases we will give the novices. I was just curious as to what the cases were you were going to be giving to the novices. I'm thinking I'll probably write them a DDT case, or maybe land mines. Let me know what the rest of you are thinking!
  7. I'm pretty sure you'r all going to be seeing Garrett Clark in Finals of DX....Just putting that out there : )
  8. You obviously haven't even listened to Tech N9ne if you think that...
  9. Tech and Kotton Mouth Kings would be sweet as hell...why is if people dont like music they have to try and ruin it for others...just donlt listen to the damn music...
  10. It is now...And you can lol all you like
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