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  1. the bill basically removes the collective bargaining power for public unions, afscme, etc. the same bill is also up in ohio right now - there was a much smaller protest here.
  2. I always find it ironic when teams do shit like this and claim that they offer a better form of debate.
  3. My favorite part is that people who are opposed to it want to distance themselves from the overt bigots opposed to it, but have no problem lumping all Muslims together.
  4. Yeah, definitely only the location So it's a mosque inside of a community center then? I can see how this is a devastating blow to supporters. Unless your point here is that it's okay for an Muslim Community Center to be built here without a mosque, in which case I'm really confused. Okay I'm confused again for many reasons by this statement. How should they have involved the community more than the zoning meetings? If your answer is anything, why is that not the case for building a Christian church anywhere? But more importantly, is the front page of the NYT good enough? Or how about appearing on the O'Reilly Factor? I suggest skipping to the end if you're curious about what Lauren Ingraham thinks back in December.
  5. Boom, in as The Relentlessberger.
  6. So is this getting expanded at all? Finally back home and have time to care about fantasy football now.
  7. It is incredibly obvious you have never tried to play hockey in your life.
  8. Did you post this to show how big of a joke he is, or did you think he actually made a good point here?
  9. I think this is inevitable - as soon as round 1 is over, I'm going to go ask that team you just debated who you are, etc. And you know which schools have the most people to do something like that?
  10. I'd be down for a keeper league. Never done auction before, don't have a strong feeling about it. I'll register later when I've come up with a new team name for this year.
  11. A Girl

    Jim Joyce

    The people at Buffalo Wild Wings were having too much fun.
  12. I don't understand how people can view a National Day of Prayer as the government not sponsoring religion, but when the National Park Service tries to protect Devils Tower from rock climbers in order to protect Indigenous people's sacred monument, they turn to the first amendment.
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