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  1. whats the affirmative case? it's exactly what i run but ill work with you on it. currently im still a bit shaky on links and plan text. help?
  2. B. Material witnesses can be detained indefinitely and are subject to torture. Weinstein, 2005 [Henry Weinstein, Staff Writer, Los Angeles Times, “Is This How You Treat One of Your Own?”, p l/n, july 24 2005] The soldiers began making references to the prison torture scandal at Abu Ghraib. "We used to strip you guys and line you up like pyramids," he recalled one soldier saying. <continued> Military patrolmen began yelling at him: "You're here to kill Americans? You're a . . . terrorist!" When he shouted back, he was told to "shut . . . up!" When he apparently didn't follow orders fast enough, he said, a soldier smashed his face into a cinder block wall. "At this point, we're almost catatonic," he said. "I broke down. I was just trying to survive to get to wherever I was going," he said.<continued> Four days later, a guard told him the FBI had arrived. A Question on Voting Kar was taken to be interviewed by two FBI officers, whom he identified as "Donna Peterson" and a man named "Robert." "They put out a page of rights on a desk -- a right to an attorney, a right not to talk to them," Kar said. "I said, 'Do you have an attorney here?' " "No." Kar said he asked what would happen if he exercised his right to remain silent. The last person who had done that, an agent said, was "still locked up in Afghanistan two years later."
  3. funny but running T's is a cheap way to win. go oncase and own them. and the problem with running t authority is that affirmative comes up here and just says extend inherency a-d that speak of undefinite detention. they automatically turn the negs base for the t and therefor aff wins. i should know.. won 3 tournaments in houston with it =)
  4. you gotta be fucking kidding me... XO cp? dude only a noob runs that. against korematsu you have to go case and maybe 1 T. do like iran DA
  5. ok well heres the news for you. i go to the 4th largest debate squad school in the us and im gonna tell you.. cut some cards. search on yahoo 'korematsu' and youll find soemthing. the case is very simple.
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