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  1. Thanks Brandon. June 17th. Yeah, and some schools (i.e. Hillcrest) even do another plank called administration, which is always USFG.
  2. I like my name. Ha Ha. What I meant by stereotyping was that not all eastern idaho debaters write 4 or 5 plank plans straight up H, I, P, S, and A. Some of us are trying to break the mold. We'll have to wait and see if it works.
  3. Guys, hold on a second. I don't think it's fair to stereotype eastern idaho debate. Besides, even if others lose here because of their complex argumentation, it's not our fault, we don't judge the rounds. Over the years I've gotten faster at reading, but he's right, the best way to get fast is to just know what you are reading, read it a lot, and it will come.
  4. well i'm glad you made it. we had a stupid judge who always votes for the underdogs and we had a bye. go figure.
  5. ok, let's just put it this way, my partner and I qualed. for nats. but didn't make it to state b/c of the poorest judging I've ever seen.
  6. just b/c the judges suck doesn't mean the teams do, although some individual teams definitely do.
  7. Madison qualed Sierra(JV) and Ryan(novice) and Becca and Jessie, both novices, are second alternate I think. Good job everyone who qualed.
  8. I don't know what you are talking about Isaac. Mike and I ran a very valid ASPEC but twice at Nat. Quals. and I think once last week. Could you believe that we lost to that insanely untopical ICC case? Oh well. I agree with Allen, I do love a good procedural.
  9. Ha ha. I am one of the Madison kids that qualled, and I can only say that I could learn a lot from western style of debate. I'm not a huge fan of critical or performance, but that's probably b/c I've never really learned about them, being from the east. And I will agree with Yoda and jred that I HATE COMMS JUDGES!!! As far as this whole east/west thingy goes, I'm kind of ambivalent I guess. I don't really have strong feelings one way or the other. BTW, Centennial, I'm sorry that NFL messed up the name so you couldn't come to Nat. Quals. It would have been fun to debate you.
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