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  1. Not sure - I'm guessing cx died out in ND much like it has in many states - too few coaches and too few schools willing to support it. Fargo Shanley has been historically really good as have all of the Fargo schools. I can't say much about the other schools as my only knowledge of ND schools are ones that occasionally compete in SD. There are far too many schools that no longer have debate as an opportunity for students. In SD, a lot of schools have slowly died out - CX is only going to be in maybe 8 schools next year... I can't really say as to how their LD & PF teams are compared to other states - I'm guessing like a lot of them, there are some really good teams, and really bad ones...you looking at going to coach in ND?
  2. What do you all need to know? Basically, CX is dead in North Dakota - most of the PF & LD is based in and around the Fargo area with some smaller schools competing
  3. my faverate frood is prizza #spricy

  4. Hi my name is Tarvis

  5. Credit Card system isn't working for me at all - had to use paypal - do you know when you'd be able to accept that so we can get the file? Thanks
  6. I usually have a rule about not posting, but since Evan seems to think I have a personal vendetta against him and any response should "be something public" here it is. First, I did screw up at my tournament. However, to imply that it was anything but unintentional and a computer error is wrong. When the awards started and Mr. Kenyon came down to speak to me he asked about the numbers, I said this is what we have, but let me look after awards and talk to him then. After awards happened and the final rounds got going, we checked the computers and then discovered our error - that you AND Jackson AND CJ (I think it was you three, I would have to double-check) were excluded from receiving your rightfully won speaker awards. I personally apologized to both Kenyon and Martinet because I felt awful about it. Now, you can believe me or not, but I did feel bad - I'm not in the business of trying to screw students over. I sent an e-mail to the group that put together the awards (they were dream-catchers for those who weren't there) and said we needed three more awards to give out because of my error. Of course, I forgot about it after that and honestly didn't think about it until your post. Sadly, the group never got around to it and so it fell off of my radar. That doesn't excuse the omission of never getting you your truly deserved trophy. However, I am more than willing to make sure all three of you receive the trophy - we are ordering this years and I will make sure they add on the ones that were supposed to be given out last year. If that would be acceptable to you please let me know. As for Rushmore Quals - you can ask Kenyon or anyone else, the rounds that you lost, I had nothing to do with scheduling those or the assigning of the judges. In fact, I didn't know who the judges would be until Kenyon and I came in to do judge strikes when we saw them together. Again, you can believe me or not, but that is the truth. Now, to assume that you couldn't get beat by Jordan and Katlyn undermines how hard they worked and how much prep they put into quals. The amount of time our team spent on preparing specifically for SFL proves how good you were and how much respect we had for your debating ability - additionally, them placing 4th at Nationals is nothing to dismiss. While it takes some luck at nationals - the fact that their only loses were to the teams who took 1st and 2nd (including pre-lims where they went 10-2 with 4 wins and 2 splits) shows that it wasn't some kind of fluke that they beat both SFL teams in back to back rounds. You may disagree that you lost, but again, to assume that there was some kind of malice and that I was behind it is nothing short of libel. Did we screw up at the Warrior? Yes. Was it spiteful and mean-spirited and intentional? No. To assume otherwise is wrong. And to assume that I was somehow trying to screw you or anyone at quals is also incorrect and again libelous. Of course, I can't change your mind on that and you might think that forever, but it is the truth. Regarding the "vendetta" against SFL. The only vendetta we ever had against SFL was that we wanted to beat you when it mattered most to us - Quals. We knew your top two teams were the ones we had to beat if we wanted to qualify to nationals - I think that should be taken as a sign of respect if people focused on your teams because you were that good. Call it a vendetta if you like, but to us, you were just the best competition, so Jordan and Katlyn prepped their butts off to make sure they would have the chance to beat you - we knew nothing was guaranteed and the waiting for the judges decisions was nerve racking because we knew we debated well and knew it was a good round that could go either way. As for the other stuff as to SFL and who hates who and the status of SD Debate, that is something that is constantly discussed - by those coaching it and live it each and every year - not just once every 4 years on a CX post. Not that you shouldn't be discussing it - I think there are some excellent ideas and thoughts there and I have actually advocated some of those ideas (bigger tournaments for example - which I think you can look at the Warrior last year as an example - by far the most rounds at a SD tournament except quals). So please, keep adding to those discussions, but also, talk with the coaches about those ideas, talk to the people who are going into coaching and teaching - that is the way to affect change. So again, let me publically appologize for the mistake (and yes, it was a mistake and not intentional) made at the Warrior. As I said, I will rectify that this year, even though it should have been done last year. I would be more than happy to see you judging at tournaments, either in SD or at regional tournaments that we are at. Travis Dahle
  7. From the Omaha Diocese: Sioux Falls Washington - Powers - Simundson SF Lincoln HS - Erpenbach - Point SF Lincoln HS - Jones - Yang
  8. Northern South Dakota Jeff Zhang & Matt Glanzer - Brookings HS Emily Schoenbeck & Kasey Klatt - Watertown HS Rushmore (South Dakota) Jordan Simundson & Katlyn Powers - SF Washington HS Evan Jones & Bryant Yang - SF Lincoln HS
  9. Here is a link to a back and forth between Mark Oppenheimer, who wrote a book about his time in debate, and Michael Horowitz, NDT champion in 2000, about debate and the difference between Policy and Parliamentary debate. It is quite interesting and thought people would enjoy this article - if you want to discuss here fine - otherwise you can comment on Slate (which there are plenty of arguments already). http://www.slate.com/id/2264222/entry/2264221/
  10. dahle

    Aberdeen G.E.C

    Feist, you were one of the judges!
  11. dahle


    Jordan and Matt - the program does allow for low point wins. I know there used to be a window warning that would pop-up and ask you "Give the low-point win?" and that would call attention to us and make sure we fixed it - unfortunately, no such thing happened in the tab room and I missed it - I take part of the blame, even though Feist was only giving me crap. However, I am one of the few that think low-point wins are not that big of a deal. You might have offended me or were just a worse speaker, but you made the argument that won the round (for whatever reason). To me, the ballot decision should be independent of the speaker's ability and therefore their points. I do understand that the best speaker should win the round, because this should be a persuasive event, but it really isn't anymore. PF is and the best speakers should win - policy is about strategy, analysis and argumentation - it might be something I address at future debates with coaches to get their opinions. And Feist - Politics DA's suck!
  12. 1. Indian Health Services (IHS) 2. Early education 3. Food security for minors 4. TANF Send Mike Larson a quesion if you have any. See you at spech convention.
  13. Congrats to all of those nominated for the Senior awards in South Dakota. The following individuals were selected by their peers and were recognized as the top four seniors. Reuters (Policy Debate) Michael Hokesvik - ABC Jimmy Kerr - BRK Matt Aadland - BRK Megan Ludwig - MIL Roberts (Public Forum) Olivia Holan (thank you Brik) -- ABC Alex Neville - ABC Alissa Olson - SFW Meg Henricksen - YAN Jordan (IE's) Pete Heidipriem - SFL Maggie Lawler - SFO Kelsey Mellan - MIT Michael Schinderling - HUR Mundt (LD) Jesse Goodwin - SFW Colin Michaels - YAN Luke Cumbee - HUR Jiwen Li - VER Again, congrats to all of those who got nominated and to those who won. An excellent year by all. Dahle
  14. dahle

    Southern Quals

    CX 1st - Gutzman/Miller - Vermillion 2nd - Bosche/Schulte - Yankton 3rd - Liang/Jones?? - SFL 4th - Ibach/Tiggelar - SFL LD 1st - Jiwen Li - Vermillion (picked FX) 2nd - Jesse Goodwin - SFW (picked DX) 3rd - Blake Neff - SFL 4th - Robert M - SFL 5th - Collin Michaels - YAN PF 1st - Henricksen/?? - YAN 2nd - ??/?? - RC Stevens 3rd - Pogany/Olson - SF Washington 4th - ??/?? - RC Stevens DX 1st - Frank Liang - SFL 2nd - Sam Miller - VER (going in CX) 3rd - Jesse Goodwin - SFW (straight 1's going in and botched the final, way to go Jesse!) 4th - Tyler Gutzman - VER 5th - ??novice?? - SFL 6th - Tyler ?? - SFR 7th - Grace Buchloh - SFR FX 1st - Blake Neff - SFL (picked LD) 2nd - Jiwen Li - VER 3rd - Alicia Enterman - VER 4th - Colin Michaels OO, DI, HI and Duo were dominated by O'G and SFL...can't remember all the results off the top of my head, I know Heidipriem took 2nd in duo and 1st in humor and the team that took first in duo - the female half won drama...other than that, sorry. It was a long tournament...first back from the dead round in a while and it was PF...RC Stevens came out of nowhere this year to have a great tournament in PF (SFW hit them 5 times - including two teams twice!) Dahle
  15. (notes, I plan on just putting up extemp and oratory for two reasons: 1. Most people who check this site I doubt are interested in the RT results and 2. I'm being lazy...the full results should be on joyoftournments.com soon if you really want to see it all). Foreign Extemp: 6th -- Zach Pogany -- SFW 5th -- Megan Ludwig -- Milbank 4th -- Jiwen Li -- Vermillion 3rd -- Alician Enterman -- Vermillion 2nd -- Blake Neff -- SFL 1st -- Kelsey Mellan -- Mitchell Domestic Extemp: 6th -- Frank Liang -- SFL 5th -- Tyler Gutzman -- Verm 4th -- Kailin Reed -- Brookings 3rd -- Ian Ibach -- SFL 2nd -- Zach Schmidt -- Watertown 1st -- Jesse Goodwin -- SFW Original Oratory (note: boys, start manning up please and not letting the girls dominate this event) 6th -- Haley Hardie -- Watertown 5th -- Stacy Burkhalter -- Brookings 4th -- Amelia Hirrschoff -- Brookings 3rd -- Sydney Brude -- SFL 2nd -- Danielle Wang -- Brookings 1st -- Gracie Chang -- SFL As for the results from Rough Rider, the only thing I know of is what my kids were in since I was finishing stuff in the tab room Zach Pogany and Alissa Olson went 4-0 and tied for 2nd in PF Jesse Goodwin went 4-0 and took 1st in LD Dahle
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