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  1. I've coded NLP algos that parse news articles for summaries and highlight. Unfortunately, while this is a better way to google research... it's nowhere close to the cohesive thinking and labeling you need for real debate cards. The first step to creating a global brain tree of arguments and sub-responses which might look like this https://www.kialo.com/electric-vehicles-are-better-than-fossil-fuel-vehicles-4748/4748.0=4748.771+4748.303 would be to synergize all research into an open db that NLP algo's could isolate keywords from and create feeds of possible new args to add for ML dscovery thats supervised by debaters.
  2. On the Google Books page, press F12 and select Console (last tab) and copy this text into the visible command line and press enter: document.querySelector(".viewport").addEventListener('scroll', function(){Array.prototype.slice.call(document.querySelectorAll(".pageImageDisplay *[style*=width]")).forEach(function(d){d.style.width='0px';})}, true) Now you can save the pages as images. Upload those images to your Google Drive, then right click > open with Google Docs. The second page will be high-quality OCR, much better accuracy than the free stuff you can get online or the Tesseract ocr program in debate template.
  3. http://debatesynergy.com/ web app allows high school and college debate teams to store online research and stream debate rounds
  4. Synergy

    The NDT 2015

    Accurate guess.
  5. Synergy

    The NDT 2015

    NDT 2015 Finals, Northwestern MV vs Michigan AP Watch live: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EvLZB1O9mWJKfBtkV69UOiGeGvszSaLC9plwnEz9fDI/htmlview?sle=true#
  6. http://debatesynergy.com/ works on mobile and web to store and format your files like Google Docs, as well as live stream your speech as you scroll.
  7. I tried this many times over the last three years but Google Docs is still very restrictive in it's functionality. That's why I worked for Google as an engineer and learned their open source code to build a Google Docs from the ground up, customized for debate with file storage formatting and speech live-streaming. it's been in use from this year and sovles many of the restrictions that hold back offline solutions. http://debatesynergy.com/ More: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/table-of-contents/ickpeaanccmmabadbfiknbobkmkdnnaj?hl=en You can do a simple style template but debaters need to have many things open and speech docs and flows. This navigation pane chrome-addon above only works kind of well but it's very lacking; You will pretty much need to reprogram the interface to make it fit for debate files.
  8. Microsoft always shorts the functionality of Office for Mac, so it's anyways better to use a Windows emulator. But with Microsoft CEO Satya opening .NET which runs most windows apps, we might see better cross-platform for addons. http://debatesynergy.com by using a web app like Google Docs is cross-platform on any device and leaves all those issues in the past; an offline version is easily possible if people adopt this.
  9. Definitely check out Debate Sidebar from http://debatesynergy.com It's a word sidebar and you can customize fonts in the settings under the format dropdown -- you can even attach a template like Verbatim to import settings from
  10. The word plugin has also been updated with livestream feature. Debatesynergy.com is a separate web app to use for storing evidence and doing your round with the room.
  11. There is now a updated Word program direct plugin. What's really outdated is not using a web app in this age. Online storage and livestream rounds.
  12. http://debatesynergy.com is the app to use instead of MS Word or Windows/Mac, etc.. All your files are stored on the web and accessible on any device, easy to share and collaborate: like Google Drive debate-specific. Secondly you can invite all the debaters and judges, as users of the website, into a shared round which synchronizes speech/flowing and livestreams scrolled speech to oppponents. Offline version of the editor is possible, but note: All tournaments this year should give internet access. Make that happen and I will do real-time next-round pairings and real-time round data for directors. Otherwise use this phone tethering app http://pdanet.co/
  13. http://debatesynergy.com/ works with Google Drive
  14. Useful update, though the modern thing I am hoping for is move away from VB code to use a web-based version similar to Google Docs. Also check out: Debate Sidebar Word AddIn works alongside Verbatim template , as a word sidebar, that also allows you to load Verbatim template (or other templates) when you need it -- you can use both together since it's a template vs sidebar. It also has online paragraph-by-paragraph livestreaming of debate speeches. Download Debate Sidebar Word AddIn
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