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  1. well thanks to all who replied, but I won't be debating next year. so I really don't need to find out where i am going to camp haha
  2. Instead of states, I will be in california visiting my future high school. have a wonderful state tournament haha
  3. I know, but I planned on debating in college and it would really help with what I want to do as my career. so whatever. have fun in pa debate!
  4. I know it sucks. but another thing is that I can't just "get used to it." those freaking crappy districts were most likely my last debate rounds ever. I just got in touch with the admissions director at the private school I was hoping to go to so I could debate in california,and he stated that they rarely except senior year transfers. so thank you so much for making mylast rounds shit and based on freaking biased decisions. uh. sorry for that rant. it's been a bad night
  5. she didn't drop us because of speed. my speaks were actually good, especially from what i have gotten from her in the past. she dropped us on an argument the other team didn't run and claimed they did. lame.
  6. I love how almost all of the people in my local league ask "can you please say your plan text in a sentence or two", or the whole "in your own words" I usually respond with, well it is only one sentence, should I make it into a fragment? also: it is in my own words, I wrote it, pretty cool eh
  7. you better have a kick ass t shell. what are your advantages?
  8. california. hopefully going to notre dame. senior year. yipee.
  9. which one? all four week. I will be moving to the west coast, so I am thinking that gdi would be a good choice to get to meet people over there. suggestions? please?
  10. ALEX. How are you?! I haven't talked to you in forever. I miss you man
  11. counter plan it.... one woman in, one man out. foucault. adventurism... militarism... T increase
  12. it was the red land judge. I got a 12 last year in speaks from her. so yea, who knows.
  13. susquehannock won't be attending. dropped by the same judge as last year. last year was due to her giving me 12 on speaks. this year, well I honestly have no idea why she dropped us.
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