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  1. Dulles KC vs. Heritage Hall SH; Bankey, Mcvey, Hart Grapevine QS vs. Jesuit YM; Cauthen, Katzman, Schottlaender Greenhill KP vs. Thorndale SW; DiPiazza, Moon, Abbas Highland Park Dallas PY vs. Churchill; Rubaie, Evans, Singh Kinkaid BD vs. Bellarmine SZ; Baker, Durham, Burr Kinkaid KB vs. Jesuit DG; Crowe, McNeill, Johnson Round Rock HH vs. Coppell KD; Cholera, Liu, Thomas St. Mark's MB vs. Law Magnet VS; Miller, Hooper, San Luis
  2. those are their names... i'm not sure what else you're really looking for
  3. nsanluis


    add to that list Carrollton DG and Westlake MB
  4. Natalie San Luis Debated at Jack C. Hays HS Currently debating for Texas Policy, OO, Extemp nsanluis@gmail.com or nsanluis@mail.utexas.edu
  5. cholera, greenstein, and culpepper i believe
  6. not true - they dropped a ballot in quarters kinkaid 1NC against bellarmine - ASPEC, innovation disad, cap and trade cp, "the" pic, eco-fem
  7. I went to SDI after sophomore year and UTNIF after junior year. The lab leaders at the UTNIF were far more approachable. I made more friends at UTNIF. Austin > Michigan. That being said, because of the immense awesomeness of UTNIF and UTNIFers, you probably have to be more motivated to get more out of UTNIF. However, if you want to learn and win debates, the resources are there and top-quality.
  8. someone should post real things like results
  9. Mean Green is one of the best deals for debate camp ever. Lots of great lab leaders. As far as card-cutting goes -- I remember Calum giving a short lecture on how to best utilize Lexis, but I think that was it. One of the reasons why UNT is so great is because the lab leaders are all very approachable -- if you want to learn how to cut better cards, just ask.
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