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  1. hmm. some know this better than others.
  2. kill me. this thread is still alive.
  3. i had a crush on sean, cory was ugly as hell, but sean... he melted my butter.
  4. no, but i used to love that show when i was kid. it was my favorite, that and boy meets world.
  5. ha. i would make a blog that completely bashed the school and tell them to suck it. but on the other hand, why would you go to a school you didn't like in the first place?
  6. timmy!? it's almost 10 o'clock...
  7. look, HONEY, i wouldn't know if you're black. and you know what, you can go make you're own fucking cheeseburger, get fat, and die of heart disease.
  8. but sugar lips, i thought you just ate burger king?
  9. so that's what i am to you? nothing better to do?
  10. please tell me you did not make that picture. omg.. this is so sad. i'm out. i'm going to go live.
  11. we can go to the park pat the dog smoke that tumble weed as the marijuana burns we can take our turn singing them dirty rap songs hey timm, we're still on for tonite? i'll drop by around 10, but i've only got a couple hours.. you still up for it?
  12. what the hell does virginity have to do with gay sex?
  13. ew ryan likes to play butt darts. that's just sick ryan.
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