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  1. i said, they won it last year... i don't know about seaholm... i predict finals will be groves vs. dow like it was last year.
  2. i'm with yellowfoot... dow high all the way... didn't they win novice state last year?
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    thanks that was a big help
  4. 2NCLove29


    i need to write answers to politics... specifically India deal good/bad i'm really lost please help!
  5. wowww. there are few things better in life than janesssa created threads. and janessa, you ARE magic. and she's right. she won't let trevor leave. that will mess up all of debate!!! and no one will fill the spot. =P
  6. Yes we all love trevor bakker. I think the entire debate circuit knows/loves him portage girls brought ''trevorbakker changedmy world'' tshirts, complete with buttons. Yeah a little crazy, but normal for us forensics kids. oh and yes he's aware of this forum... jannessa and i had the pleasure of telling him. Trevor does EVERYTHING.
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