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  1. If my version of prayer involved taking bong rips, even if not a recognized religion(yet, church of bongotology is my retirement project), how does the discrimination of national day of prayer (aka I get locked up due to my prayer) change my standing with the court? Could I claim equal protection clause standing?
  2. I think if you control what "unacceptable" means then you are off to a good start. Don't argue that anything that is subversive is unacceptable maybe make a few cases for like 2-3 different types of books that should be banned. I think that a book that depicts violence against woman in particularly graphic or sexual manner is going to be hard to defend. Also maybe argue that fashion magazines are a form of book- and they negatively influence a girls self image and therefore shouldnt be provided by the school. Also books like how to make bombs probably don't need to be in a school either. Think of it like a policy debate- are all topical actions a good idea, probably not, but here are a few that are. There is no current stable definition of unacceptable so you can kinda get away with alot.
  3. First off I think that neg fiat bad is probably going to be easy to answer. However I have won rounds on the argument that their argument directly trades off with a better form of education meaning rejecting the argument doesn't solve because we can never get that time back- only rejecting the team will stop them in the future from running it. Also rejecting the argument is like forcing a a thief to just return what he stole, that does nothing to deter them from doing it in the future as it is a no risk act- you need to deter them and throw the thief in jail to stop him and others from robbin people in the first place.
  4. There is actually an award- the Mike Davis award for a debater who starts out as a novice in college and does well. Not sure what all the criteria are for it, but Mike debated for the first time in college and made it to elimination rounds at CEDA(he was pre-merger so NDT was not an option).
  5. I don't have windows seven so that macro program probably wo't work. I figured out how to create the macros or at lease I think I did with the mouse program I just can't get any other program to respond to them now.
  6. Just bought an avatar gaming mouse and I was wondering how do I bind the buttons to some of my debate template macros. Basically I want one button to ctrl+v,f3(remove returns) and f8(Cardtext)one button to copy. One button to f6(tag) and One button to f10(highlight) How on earth do I do this- If anyone knows how to bind a macro to a mouse click this would also be useful. Thanks
  7. He-Man

    South Park

    Did that episode really just happen?
  8. because they offer such coherent and well thought out alternatives....
  9. Severance is Bad because it makes the affirmative a moving target destroying 1nc strat and destroying education by undermining block development of arguments. Also kills fairness as all da and K links can be permed away, making it pretty hard to be negative. Other reasons like reciprocity and argumentative responsibility probably apply but aren't going to be round winners.
  10. Interesting read on how the Supreme Court has become more partisan by analyzing the hiring of clerks by justices. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/07/us/politics/07clerks.html?_r=2&pagewanted=1 If you wanna be super awesome, could you go to my blog and comment about the article there. It's for a Political Science class on media and politics I'm taking. Feel free to ignore the stuff I wrote and just comment on the article. Thanks! http://medpol6.wordpress.com/
  11. He-Man

    Get Him to the Greek.

    Not gonna lie I bought the sound track--- The clap is just so fucking catchy. http://www.sendspace.com/file/5yjzxs
  12. well they would be in the possession of child pornography at this point so something tells me you are prob going to get away with it.
  13. http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/middleeast/la-fg-iraq-prison19-2010apr19,0,7841354.story So we removed one oppressive dictator (The final argument for US intervention) and already the new governemnt is doing this. Why was anything we did even remotly good?
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