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  1. Hey, for some reason when I log in I can't view or post on any threads. When I am not logged in, I can read the threads but not post. Do I need to change my settings or something?

  2. Details will be revealed over the next two days about the new software. Applications should include your name and school affiliation, and obviously what forums you'd like to run for. You may run for up to 5 forums.
  3. Many of you have noticed a recent undertaking in our forums: a history project. Cross-X.com has a long and diverse story, and today I am pleased to introduce the next phase of our history. On Thursday, Cross-X will receive a major upgrade. Evazon and the forums will be converted to new software. Shifting to a powerful, extensible backend allows us to easily roll out new features and modernize your online debate experience. We'll be making multiple announcements previewing new features and changes. Today, we begin a new round of moderator elections. I would first like to thank all of the current moderators. Many of you have done a great job, despite volunteering for much longer than anyone anticipated. It's your dedication that has kept this site alive. Thank you. We will, however, be shaking things up a bit. There will no longer be a super moderator. There are two reasons. First, Ross and I are personally involved in the daily backend operations and can handle any serious issue immediately. Second, and most important, forum moderators will have more power after the elections. The current infraction system will be replaced with a more robust solution that gives moderators enough control to effectively do their job. We'll reveal all of the details later, but this is important to remember once voting begins. Who do you want to lead that forum? We will be accepting applications until May 1st, or until enough candidates have applied. All forums are up for grabs except for Evazon, Feedback, and Discuss the Articles. To qualify, a user must have at least 5 substantive posts in the forum they wish to moderate. "Substantive" will be evaluated using the objective "porn test". Applications must be PMed to me. We'll announce voting requirements, etc. once ballots are available. To keep up with the latest news, please follow us on our official Facebook Page and Twitter.
  4. I can only speak for Cross-X, but those numbers are wildly inaccurate. Our private numbers put monthly absolute unique visitors literally exponentially higher.
  5. I love the idea of a history of Cross-X.com, and support the idea. However, it is not acceptable to embed images that were graphic enough to be their own historical event.
  6. LordAuch

    502 Bad Errors

    It's a problem with one of the pieces of software the server runs on. I've been working with the developers, and a new version came out a couple of days ago. I've been doing some testing to make sure the problem is actually fixed (and no new issues have been created), and the server should be upgraded sometime tonight.
  7. Cross-X.com experienced a minor hacking event on Sunday. A small vulnerability was exploited to deface our forum index. Cross-X.com was taken offline and the vulnerability was patched. No user information was stolen, and no data has been lost. Passwords are stored using an encrypted hash and unique salt, so your password is never exposed. The downtime was utilized to make various software upgrades, including a new caching system and an improved database interface. Both of these improvements will increase efficiency and speed. Unfortunately, to prevent future incidents the arcade has been removed. It was a rarely used feature, and there are many other (better) flash game websites. After the recovery process, Cross-X.com was brought back online early Monday morning. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter our datacenter began experiencing issues with their core network. This affected both external connectivity and communications between our web and database servers. Network service was restored Monday night, and we are back at 100%. Sorry for any inconvenience, David Robinson
  8. Speakers: 1) Bri Hargan from Millard South 2) Tyler Snelling from Millard South 3) Kirsten Blagg from Millard West 4) Brian Gonzaba from Millard South 5) Matt Casas from Millard South
  9. Try the (same) streams here: http://www.cross-x.com/harvardstream/ Dustin, do you have Flash installed and enabled? The UStream.tv viewer requires it. Worst case, stream 1 on the link above uses QuickTime so it might work for you without any hassle (assuming QT is installed/enabled).
  10. I'm happy to announce that the number one location for evidence has returned. Evazon is ready to put the best files in your hands to help you win debates. We accept both PayPal and credit cards. Your payments are processed securely through PayPal, even if you don't have an account. Please note that your payment is not complete until you have been redirected back to Evazon. If your close your window before being redirected, your account will not be properly credited. We are also accepting new applications to sell evidence. You may submit an application through Evazon, with your name, school affiliation, and a brief biography. If you experience any problems, please send an email to support [at] cross-x [dot] com.
  11. Hey I just added $20 to my evazon account and it is not showing up. It says my payment has gone through. But yet, no proof of money in the account

  12. LordAuch


    You should now be able to access previously purchased files. There's no ETA for the full return of Evazon yet, but it won't be too long. Cryptic, I know.
  13. I had $55 left in my Evazon account. Is that still available now that your server has changed? I need to buy this week's Thursday file ASAP for the Barkley Forum. Thanks.

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