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  1. okay we are in really need for contract judges if you can help us out please send me an email or pm on here.
  2. if you would like to judge at the Lamar Consolidated tournament on Dec. 8-9 plaese drop me an email at naveeninampudi@hotmail.com or pm. any judges would be appreciatied we are trying to contract judges but we are tight on cash so it will be first come first serve.
  3. Lamar Consolidated is showing up with less than a tenth of our squad so we will see. that is in all events not just CX cuz i dont have a partner yet and i am Debate Chair how interesting is that anyway good luck to yall going to Elsik and those going to Foster as well!
  4. Whos going and how many are yall bringing total.
  5. Im Lamar Consolidated HS team of McGuane/Inampudi we are team A i believe!?
  6. How gonna be at UIL Distict 4A from out in the Sugar Land/Richmond/Rosenberg/Pleak/El Campo/Bay City/Angleton Region
  7. Im looking for a Don't Ask Don't Tell aff if anyone has i can u plz send it to me i am willing to trade! I just want it for UIL! Thanx a lot if u are wlling to send it if not i understand. Naveeninampudi@hotmail.com
  8. i need stop loss neg willing to trade some camp stuff!
  9. Thanks in advance! naveeninampudi@hotmail.com
  10. U could run Kritical Legal Studies or Racial Redemption K on Korematsu saying that the gov is stuructured on Racial Bias and no matter what that wont change thus plan is uneffective and has 0% solvency!
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