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  1. THREE TRAILS NFL QUALIFIERS DEBATE Mackenzie Oatman/Danny Richey, BVW Sam Nichols/Allen Xu, Blue Valley Nimish Mittal/Ideen Saiediean, BVW SENATE Reid Waldman, BVN Stephanie Shull, BV HOUSE Sarah Evans, BVN Ria Halder, BV PFD Jackson Young/Wesley Miller, ON Pavan Kota/Ross Marine, BVSW LD Kaleb Marconette, OE Kevin Krouse, OE FX Amanda Gress, STA Julie Chang, BVNW USX Maggie Bernard, STA Tina Wei, BVN OO Katie Gwynn, STA Jack Goza, STA HI Katie Bourk, STA Courtney Bollig, STA DI Mollie Chessis, BV DUO Max Agodani/Anne Dimas, BVN Katie Bolin/Rachel Stompoly, STA
  2. It's cool. I understand what you're saying and I spend a lot of time saying many of the same things. I think I understand NFL's rationale better now, and it's not as suicidal as I once thought; that doesn't mean it's the direction I'd prefer they take.
  3. NFL has released an annual report in print form to member schools in each of the last two years. It may not be available online. The document contains a chart of income and expenses, and although some of the categories are vague enough to make you wonder what the money is actually spent on, the organization seems to run pretty much on a break-even basis. So, for that matter, does the national tournament itself. That is very small comfort, I suppose, to schools which qualify for the national tournament for the first time only to discover the somewhat staggering costs associated therewith. For schools in a financial bind, this sort of thing can be very, very difficult to justify to administrators. It is disappointing to see up-and-coming programs abandon the organization, but logistically speaking, I can't blame those schools for choosing an organization which offers a national tournament of similar quality at a fraction of the cost. Up until very recently, I thought that the NFL's financial model was going to cause serious problems for the organization as school budgets across the country tightened. However, the balance of evidence suggests that I was wrong. Every time NFL adds a new supplemental event, even at $50 a pop nonrefundable, hundreds of schools fork over the cash to enter it. That sort of thing can make up for a lot of money lost due to the absence of small-school programs. Nor are the national tournament qualifying events shrinking; if a school drops for lack of cash, there's always somebody in line to take their qualifiers' place. The organization has gotten out in front of the problem to an extent by providing assistance for alumni fundraising by qualifying schools--though, again, this is going to be of no comfort to new programs which lack the alums to make this a viable way to attend. Bottom line: it seems like NFL has found a revenue model that works for them, and as long as programs are willing to keep forking over the dough for Storytelling entries, lapel pins, and honor cords, I can't imagine them changing it. The organization itself increasingly seems oriented towards marketing itself as honoring and supporting educators as opposed to competitors, and the national tournament and accompanying awards ceremonies reflect that in a massive way. That may alienate some of us, but the continuing health of NFL Nationals proves that the market for it is very substantial. CFL is very much competitor-oriented--it has no reason not to be--and will hence serve as the alternative for many less-well-financed programs.
  4. KCKSNCFL NATIONAL ENTRY LD Entry Aswathi Pradeep – BVSW Cole Feldman – St. James Academy Ian Mikkelsen – Seaman Dillion Fuchsman – Shawnee Mission West Reed Norman – Shawnee Mission West Dylan Clark – Sumner Academy PFD Entry Matt Parra/Oscar Lara – Emporia Mason Owen/John Wempe – Shawnee Mission South Karl Walter/Brian Phillips – Shawnee Mission East Jared Nelson/Spencer Yeamans – Blue Valley West Zachary Hills/Owen MacDonald – Blue Valley West Maddi Ducan/Grace Rogers – Shawnee Mission West Student Congress Casey Hancock – St. Thomas Aquinas Dara McGreal – Shawnee Mission South Peter Bautz – Shawnee Mission East Liam Murphy – Shawnee Mission East Taylor Ruisch – St. Thomas Aquinas Radwan Dayib – Emporia ODEC Kalen Allen – Sumner Academy Alexis Burns – Sumner Academy Natalie Bjorklun – Shawnee Mission West Madeline Bjorklun – Shawnee Mission West Brandon Schrader – Emporia Kenny Bergman – Shawnee Mission South OO Jack Goza – St. Thomas Aquinas Candace Villanueva – Sumner Academy Katie Gwynn – St. Thomas Aquinas Jamie Gadd-Nelson – Sumner Academy Jayden Robert – Shawnee Mission East Emily Lynch – Basehor Linwood OIL Jazmyne Preston – Sumner Academy Katy Wright – St. Thomas Aquinas Vincent Perez – Sumner Academy John Williams – Seaman Aaron Brown – Shawnee Mission West Brianna Fantwright – Sumner Academy DP Amanda Welsh – Seaman Jack Mitchell – Shawnee Mission East Ismael Hernando – Sumner Academy Courtney Bollig – St. Thomas Aquinas Hanna Bautz – Shawnee Mission East Sarah Evans – Blue Valley North DUO Josh Whisler/Wyatt Goacher – Seaman Katie Bolin/Rachel Stompoly – St. Thomas Aquinas Brittney Wright/Deonte Minor – Sumner Academy William Kanefake/Joe Rothschild – Topeka High Trina Sieg/Paul Thomas – Ottawa Tagan Trahoon/Dallas Shafer – Emporia Extemp Reid Waldman – Blue Valley North Sierra Lekie – Shawnee Mission West Mia Richardson – Sumner Academy Sukhindervir Sandhu – Shawnee Mission West Anna Stone – Ottawa Christine Hruska – Shawnee Mission West
  5. It might be a good idea to omit qualifiers who are preffing other events. Otherwise the list is going to get very, very confusing.
  6. Correct spelling on the STA CFL Congress competitor is Ruisch. As noted and for clarity's sake, Feldman has abdicated for LD, so the other six are the actual qualifiers.
  7. SKNFL Lincoln Douglas Debate Caleb McIntosh from Caney Valley HS Alexa Jacobs from Derby HS Public Forum Debate Aurora Yager and Elias Jordan from Derby HS Tony Jackson and Katelyn Torres from Fort Scott HS Duo Interpretation Katey Crane and Emily Wright from Field Kindley HS Glenn Gaeke and Reed Ramsey from Fort Scott HS
  8. I'm OK with running it if there's interest. The problem is that in all previous years, people have claimed draft slots and then disappeared, jacking the game up inutterably. I'd really rather not have to deal with that again if we can avoid it.
  9. The two events do indeed run at the same time on Saturday. It is my assumption that most debate qualifiers will want to attend the debate warmup; KSC has usually drawn primarily from people who are preparing for national competition in Congress.
  10. STADB9

    NDT results

    https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AtmBAuyc1N_bdDNvY0Y5YUhwZXZtNkpDWHdNVVlyYVE&hl=en#gid=0 Good luck to all in the morning.
  11. STADB9

    NDT results

    Also Harvard JP with a bye. Of the 56 debaters in NDT elims, 12 are Kansans.
  12. STADB9

    NDT results

    KU KQ, KU KP, KSU MZ all advancing to double octos at the NDT this evening...
  13. It might be a better idea to wait for the IE tournaments to post the correct lists of congress qualifiers--double entries will muck up early congress postings.
  14. Seconded--it would be appropriate for the mods to move the K-State material.
  15. Your 2011 CEDA National Champions: Beth Mendenhall and Derek Ziegler of Kansas State University. Mendenhall was also selected as CEDA Debater of the Year.
  16. The National Association of Secondary School Principals. Absent the organization's endorsement and subsequent KSHSAA approval, there are major insurance and liability issues involved. As CN said, let's not go there in this thread.
  17. Each year, the DCI committee asks the state's coaches to submit their tournaments for consideration for status as a bid tournament. To the best of my recollection, no SKNFL school has ever sought to have its tournament deemed a bid event. Why not have one of the SKNFL schools seek bid status? Week two (ie immediately after WaRu) would be a good choice; it is often difficult for the committee to find an event that weekend.
  18. One important clarification: DCI was created in 1978 and has operated continuously since then. It's the BID SYSTEM that's new, and although the concept was borrowed from the TOC, it wasn't intended as a replacement for it.
  19. Michael- Not arguing with your reasoning, but does it follow that the existing DCI bid model has the same effect? If so, is there a model of DCI qualification that you would prefer? My own opinion on the larger question is that DCI itself eliminates the need for such an award. It's best to settle the "best team in Kansas" debate through a series of actual debates among the top contenders, not through a series of regionally/stylistically balkanized events.
  20. STADB9

    KCKCC Warmup

    I've been told that this event will be run in conjunction with the Kansas Super Congress on the second weekend in May. Chief will presumably have more details, but in any case, qualifiers should keep the weekend clear.
  21. STADB9


    We will be sure to consult you before expressing any pride in our state's teams in the future.
  22. Yeah, but Petersen is still a traitor.
  23. SMN=Topeka Seaman? KCKSCFL, Flint Hills, correct consonants. So, yeah, no apparent conflict.
  24. Nope. Leave it. I like these threads because the graduating seniors leave us something to remember them by. They provide a standard for younger debaters to look at, and an opportunity for them to think about the sort of people they could turn into by the time they themselves graduate. Don't change a thing. Everybody here is representing themselves exactly the way they ought to be remembered.
  25. STADB9

    DCI bid records

    Records for the bid era (last four years) now updated to include this year's stats. See where the 2011 seniors rank, and which schools lead in bids all time: http://z3.invisionfree.com/Ad_Astra/index.php?showtopic=80&st=0last
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