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  1. Nokumura on the clock as of 8:54 tonight.
  2. Jackson is correct--people should post their picks directly to this thread unless they're going to be away, in which case they can email their picks to me as a courtesy to the other players. And Habler is on the clock. Please don't wait for me to put you "on the clock" to post picks. If you know you're up in the order, just go for it. We want this to go as quickly as possible. It's understandable that policy teams will go early; Kansas tends to perform best in policy debate and there's more of a statewide standard by which we can evaluate teams relative to one another. Historically, though, you WIN this game by having solid policy/congress entries and then picking up somebody in an IE who goes 12 or 13. There's usually a much greater difference scorewise between the best Kansan and the fourth best Kansan in, say, LD or OO than there is in policy.
  3. That's more like it. Chillzherency on the clock as of 1:37...and Carey would seem to face an interesting dilemma with his pick. Regrettably adding an eleventh team would screw up the utility slot. Dylan takes over the roster of the first team that misses a pick.
  4. Yes. There's officially 24 hours available to make any given selection, though I had rather hoped that by giving a week's notice of the draft order and opening time, we could do better than this for the first round. The history of this event is filled with people signing up for teams, committing to check the board daily, and then wandering off due to distraction by shiny objects.
  5. Vincent7 on the clock as of 16 minutes ago.
  6. OldSchool and SMNDebate added, which brings us to 10 teams. From this point forward those wishing to play will take over teams that miss their draft slots. First team goes on the clock tomorrow at noon.
  7. A rules update in case it was unclear: you may draft a competitor from any event in any round. You do not have to draft a policy team in round 1, in other words, though you can if you wish. Team JigglyLaker added.
  8. Draft order will be as listed on the roster page above. Snake format. If we have all of you viewing the thread at noon on the 1st, that will make the draft go very quickly. Otherwise, everybody please make sure to either check the thread once per day or email me your draft preferences for a day on which you'll be gone. The biggest pain in running this thing is people claiming teams, then wandering off into the woods and disappearing halfway through the draft. Please review the rules prior to the draft. There's a couple of people whose screen names I don't know playing--I hope you folks are aware of the fact that you're drafting Kansans only. Anybody who wants to drop their team, please let me know ASAP. People wanting to fill the last three slots should post here prior to the 1st--I probably won't be around to confirm.
  9. Are the two SME entries supposed to be a single team for which either can draft? I'll leave them as separate until I get clarification. Four entries left.
  10. You're in for you; there's no rule against multiple members of the same squad participating. Team TJBlake added.
  11. It would be hard to complete the field without students playing. Plus, half the fun of this is watching you try to explain to your teammates why you passed them up in the draft in favor of some DI kid from Wamego. Teams Vincent7 and Interkx added.
  12. Well...um...you CAN, I suppose...but you'll note that all of the draftees are Kansans, so you'd kind of have to have some knowledge of the Kansas debate/IE circuit in order to play effectively. When we ran this thing a few years back, several of the other forums picked up the format and ran fantasy nationals of their own either with their own local circuits or with national circuit competitors. Feel free to do that if you wish. Alternatively, if you're looking to play with Kansas competitors, verify that and we'll create a team for you.
  13. TEAM ROSTERS VINCENT7 12 RDS POLICY: Orsi/Redler, Wichita East 6 RDS LD: Derek Standlee, Wichita East 6 RDS USX: Rachel Cusick, Salina Central 6 RDS OO: J'Qui Audena, Lawrence 8 RDS HOUSE: Amit Bhatla, SMNW 38 RDS TOTAL INTERKX 11 RDS POLICY: Oatman/Richey, BVW 6 RDS LD: Kevin Krouse, Olathe East 6 RDS IX: Amanda Gress, STA 8 RDS OO: Katie Gwynn, STA 6 RDS DUO: Agodani/Dimas, BVN 37 RDS TOTAL TJBLAKE 11 RDS POLICY: Nichols/Xu, Blue Valley 6 RDS PFD: Hoeseli/Nguyen, Salina South 6 RDS USX: Tyler Prochazka, Newton 8 RDS HI: Samantha Jordan, Salina Central 6 RDS UTILITY: Pei/Wefald, Manhattan (POLICY) 37 RDS TOTAL CHILLZHERENCYFTW 6 RDS POLICY: Kenney/Towster, SME 6 RDS PFD: Duncan/Rogers, SMW 6 RDS LD: Aparna Dasaraju, Washburn Rural 6 RDS DUO: Bautz/Murphy, SME 6 RDS SENATE: Tony Trent, Olathe NW 30 RDS TOTAL HABLER 10 RDS POLICY: Mittal/Saiedian, BVW 6 RDS LD: Collen Steffen, Buhler 6 RDS IX: William Ashley, Topeka 6 RDS USX: Maggie Bernard, STA 8 RDS SENATE: Stephanie Shull, Blue Valley 36 RDS TOTAL NOKUMURA 8 RDS POLICY: Kearney/Schiele, Washburn Rural 10 RDS USX: Jonathan Deckert, Shawnee Heights 6 RDS DUO: Booker/Dinkel, Garden City 6 RDS SENATE: Taban Azad, Wichita East 8 RDS HOUSE: Victoria Tran, Wichita East 38 RDS TOTAL SPECBANDIDO 6 RDS POLICY: Lekie/Purohit, SMW 6 RDS PFD: Sprague/Winslow, Olathe South 6 RDS LD: Blake Silvernail, Olathe NW 6 RDS IX: Erin Alexander, Bishop Miege 6 RDS USX: Sukinder Sandhu – SMW 30 RDS TOTAL JIGGLYLAKER 9 RDS PFD: Marine/Kota, BVSW 6 RDS HI: Chris Carey, SME 6 RDS SENATE: Taylor Ruisch, STA 6 RDS HOUSE: Sarah Evans, BVN 6 RDS UTILITY: Alternate for Katie Bourk, STA (HI) 33 RDS TOTAL OLD SCHOOL 6 RDS POLICY: Faflick/Husain, Wichita East 9 RDS LD: Evan Johnson, Wichita East 6 RDS USX: Tina Wei, BVN 8 RDS HI: Courtney Bollig, STA 6 RDS DUO: Bolin/Stompoly, STA 35 RDS TOTAL SMNDEBATE 6 RDS POLICY: Klucas/Schroeder, Silver Lake 6 RDS USX: Anna Zimmerman, Topeka 6 RDS DUO: Goacher/Whisler, Seaman 10 RDS SENATE: Alex Eskilson, Shawnee Heights 6 RDS UTILITY: Daniel Lyon, Fort Scott (SENATE) 34 RDS TOTAL STADB9 10 RDS IX: Allison McKibban, El Dorado 8 RDS OO: Courtney Train, Salina Central 8 RDS DI: Jackson Mattek, Salina Central 6 RDS DUO: Kenefake/Rothschild, Topeka 6 RDS HOU: Ria Halder, Blue Valley 38 RDS TOTAL
  14. UNDRAFTED COMPETITORS POLICY Derby --- Mascharka/Mikolajcik Field Kindley --- Lin/Mueller Garden City --- Bilberry/Diaz Goddard --- Harrison/Kurtzweil Hutchinson --- Blake/Torrez Lawrence --- Meissbach/Schwager McPherson --- Rogers/Shaughnessey Parsons --- Hoose/Hoose PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE Buhler—Brunner/Pearson Campus – Agnew/Yaeger Campus – Pennick/Thompson Derby --- Jordan/Yager Fort Scott --- Jackson/Torres Manhattan – Karsmizki/Wang Olathe North --- Miller/Young Silver Lake--Richardson/Austin LINCOLN DOUGLAS DEBATE Rian Browne --- Shawnee Heights Kyle Herrington – Bishop Miege Alexa Jacobs --- Derby Kaleb Marconette --- Olathe East Caleb McIntosh --- Caney Valley Sarah Prendergast—Salina-Sacred Heart HOUSE Katie Benson --- McPherson Matt Carrillo --- Fort Scott Leah Casselman --- Fort Scott Nicholas A. Gibbs--Goddard Ria Halder --- Blue Valley Megan Haugh—Salina South Brodie Herman, Manhattan Jackson Hermann, Shawnee Heights Jesse Miller --- Olathe South Jacob Provo—El Dorado Veronica Shipley -- Olathe South Sam Sumpter --- Shawnee Heights Emily Williams—Salina Sacred Heart SENATE Stacie Burnett—Salina Central Ben Honeycutt--Buhler Benjamin Love—Free State Sachin Pendse—Wichita East Henry Reed --- Topeka West (Joel Billinger --- ???) Jessica Wells --- Caney Valley DUO Campus – Daley/Rogers Campus – Dowty/Malone Field Kindley --- Crane/Wright Fort Scott --- Gaeke/Ramsey Garden City—Ayala/Leal Salina Central—Beery/Weller Sumner—Minor/Wright Topeka --- Kenefake/Rothschild ORIGINAL ORATION Jack Goza--STA Drew Harger--McPherson Stephen Hoover -- Andover William Kist—Olathe NW Crystal Ann Montgomery --- Topeka Gabrielle Murnan – Pittsburg Kathleen Sanders—Pittsburg-Colgan Alec Shanelac--Lyons Emily J. Taylor—Silver Lake Courtney Train—Salina Central Nghiem Tran—Wichita East DOMESTIC EXTEMP Zebediah Harris—Wichita NW Kurt Lockwood --- Caney Valley Alex McNay --- Pittsburg Dara McGreal –SMS Neil Sonneman--Goddard Daithin Wycoff – Wichita NW INTERNATIONAL EXTEMP Julie Chang --BVNW Austin Fitch --- Manhattan Alex Glanzman -- Lawrence Blaize Kehr—Wichita East Allison McKibban—El Dorado Jordan Mecom--Field Kindley Dalton Mott --- Independence Sarah Ullom-Minnich—Moundridge Dalton Willey—Salina Central HUMOROUS INTERP Ismael Hernandez – Sumner Andrew Horning—Maize South Willian Huynh—Wichita East Hannah Meyer --- Washburn Rural Dan Park – Manhattan Haley Regan—Garden City George T. Savvides—Wichita East Baker Weilert --- Fort Scott Jordan Windsor --- Southeast of Cherokee DRAMATIC INTERP Abby Alsop—Garden City KR Azad -- Manhattan Haley Ann Buchanan – Shawnee Heights Addai Brown --- Fort Scott Mollie Chessis --- Blue Valley Brenna A. Dirks--Goddard Jeffrey Durbin --- Fort Scott Ashley R. Kennedy – Lawrence Jackson Mattek—Salina Central Levin Nord--Mulvane Sergio Sanchez -- SMN
  15. RULES CONT IIIC. The first pick goes on the clock at noon on June 1. All competitors have a maximum of 24 hours to make a selection, with the draft clock running at the time of the preceding pick. It is STRONGLY preferred that competitors draft more quickly than this. If time expires on a pick, the commissioner makes the pick and the team is turned over to an alternate owner (see I above) for the remainder of the draft. If no such owner is available the commissioner makes all remaining picks for the team; the team's roster is not dispersed. IIID. Team owners may submit auto-draft preferences at any time to the commissioner (via PM to STADB9). Owners who do this will not be disqualified for failing to meet deadlines, but when the team's turn comes up, the commissioner will draft on the team's behalf unless the owner posts first. This is the preferred option for anyone who will be unable to check the draft board in a given 24-hour period. IIIE. Illegal picks (of a competitor already drafted or duplicate picks in an event without the team's "utility" roster spot still being open) result in forfeiture of the pick in question; the team in question gets to make this pick at the end of the draft. IIIF. If a competitor drops out of NFL Nationals, the team which drafted that competitor owns the competitor who moves up to take that student's place at nationals. This applies both to competitors who drop out after being selected and to those who are incorrectly identified as national qualifiers on the "undrafted competitors" list at the start of the draft. IV. SCORING Competitors in each event at NFL Nationals earn points based on the number of rounds in which the individual competes. Competitors eliminated in a runoff debate round are awarded 7 rounds for scoring purposes. Congress semifinalists are awarded 8 rounds; final session participants receieve 10 rounds, and competitors who reach the final ballot in Congress are awarded 13 rounds.
  16. RULES I. TEAMS A maximum of 10 teams may compete in fantasy nationals. Individuals interested in competing should post in this thread. Anyone wishing to compete who is not among the first ten to post will be placed on standby and will take over a team in the event that a competitor fails to draft on time (see IIIC below). Please do not enter fantasy nationals if you cannot commit to checking the draft thread at least once per day between June 1 and June 10. II. ROSTERS Competitors will draft a 12-member team composed of one Kansas NFL qualifier in Debate, PFD, LD, IX, USX, OO, DI, HI, DUO, SEN, HOU, and one utility entry which may be used on a competitor in any event. Any event may be drafted in any round. III. DRAFT PROCEDURE A. The draft will be conducted in a snake format (with the second round beginning with a second pick by the team that had the last selection of the first round). Draft order will be posted by the commissioner prior to Memorial Day. B. The draft begins at noon on June 1 and concludes on June 10; if the 12th round is not completed by June 10 rosters will consist of all competitors drafted at the end of the last COMPLETE draft round.
  17. STADB9

    KSC rtesults

    Didn't have the results sheet with me when initially posting. 1. Dalton Willey, SC 2. Ria Halder, BV 3. Rachel Cusick, SC 4. Kris Lewis, SC 5. Drayton Willey, SC 6. Allison McKibben, El Dorado 7. Casey Hancock, STA 8. Fernando Cardenas, Sumner
  18. STADB9

    KSC rtesults

    Dalton Willey (SC) 1st; Ria Halder (BV) 2nd; numerous other SC competitors in the medals.
  19. There have been a number of late dropouts among judges for this Saturday's Kansas Super Congress at KCKCC. We need a couple of judges for the 8-11 and 12-3 sessions. Judges with Congress experience strongly preferred. You will be paid. Backchannel me if interested.
  20. Seems to me that we've resolved the issue here. Ciera and mdawg should be in charge of administering the Team Of The Year award next year and all interested teams should send their tournament records and tab sheets to them. Those who dislike the idea or the system can refuse to participate.
  21. When I wanted to keep track of DCI bids, I didn't ask for permission or for the account to be formally recognized; I just set up a site, asked folks to aid me in collecting the information, and did it. Why doesn't one of you do the same thing with Rubaie's award proposal next year? It might cause the award to gain currency in the minds of community members.
  22. I don't really know where the discussion can go at this point. I hear indictments of the idea that DCI determines the state's best team. I hear indictments of the idea that the greatest number of bids accumulated over the season determines the state's best team. The implication of these arguments, however, is that there IS no objective way to determine the best team in Kansas. I can't see how any of this is a defense of some kind of arbitrary "Team of the Year Award".
  23. September 16-17 Washburn Rural High School September 23-24 Hutchinson High School September 30 – October 1 Olathe Northwest High School October 7-8 Wichita East High School October 14-15 El Dorado High School October 21-22 Blue Valley North High School October 28-29 Shawnee Mission West High School November 4-5 Kansas City Kansas Community College November 11-12 Newton High School November 18-19 Topeka High School December 2-3 Lawrence High School Debaters who advance to the quarterfinal round of bid tournaments will earn one bid. Debaters who advance to the final round of bid tournaments will earn two bids. Bid divisions with more than 48 teams competing in the division will offer one bid to each of the top 16 teams. All national qualifiers from NFL and CFL tournaments will earn one bid.
  24. One edit: Ruisch (STA) replaces Waldman (BVN) in Three Trails NFL Senate.
  25. More-or-less complete lists of NFL qualifiers: http://www.nflonline.org/uploads/NationalTournament/2011%20Congress%20Honors_04_22_11.pdf http://www.nflonline.org/uploads/NationalTournament/o_awards_04_22_11a.pdf Doesn't include students who deferred their spots post-NFL.
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