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  1. Read the regulations here.
  2. STADB9


    Generally, no.
  3. FINAL SCORES 1. Nokumura: 38 rounds drafting 7th 1. Vincent7: 38 rounds drafting 1st 3. TJBlake: 37 rounds drafting 3rd 3. InterKX: 37 rounds drafting 2nd 5. Habler: 36 rounds 6. OldSchool: 35 rounds In what ended up being a weak year for the state in every event except policy debate, draft order in the first round proved more or less decisive. That having been said, there were five undrafted entries who made it out of prelims. I suppose if I do this again I might shift the format to a silent auction for the first five rounds, so that draft order doesn't determine who gets which policy teams.
  4. Because I obsess over this stuff, you get to hear about it. Lucky you. At nationals, Lawrence coach Jeff Plinsky hooked me up with an amazing piece of research from the Summer 2005 issue of Kansas History magazine. I can't recall whether anyone made note of the fact at the time or not, but it turns out that this year's KSHSAA state tournament was the 100th Kansas high school state championship. Like basketball, Kansas high school debate can be traced to an exact date: March 12, 1910. On that day, the Annual Conference of Superintendents and Principals of Accredited High Schools of Kansas (acronyms had yet to be invented at this point in history) created the Kansas High School Debating League. The league was conceived and administered as part of the Extension division of the University of Kansas. The league was one of the first in the nation; it predates both the NFL and KSHSAA, and debate was not administered by the latter organization until the mid 1930s. KU's mission statement regarding the creation of the league was based on complicated pedagogy and cutting edge educational movements of the day, and can be basically summarized as, "People in rural areas are stupid."* The initial debate topic for the 1910-11 school year was "Resolved, That immigration should be restricted by a literacy test." Not kidding. A topic later in the decade apparently included the actual words "yellow peril". The early years of the Kansas High School Debating League were dominated by western and small-school teams; the 1911 title was won by Fred Hinkle, Cale Carson, and Clarence Bare of Ashland High School. Accounts of the state final indicate that they went all-in on wipeout in order to turn spark in the 3NR.** In the early 1930s, KU elected to couple its administration of the Kansas High School Debating League with a summer institute dedicated to debate--one which continues to operate 80 years later. I'll see if I can't track down an online copy of the article and staple it up at Ad Astra for people to ignore... * This may be a slight simplification **The last sentence isn't actually in the article, but it seems a reasonable assumption.
  5. Third. In 1990, Kansas had the top speaker (Shawn Riffel, Wichita SE) as well as the third and fourth speakers.
  6. I have a third-hand report that the Garden City expository finalist is Alex Diaz. I won't be present for the finals tomorrow but live coverage of the awards assemnbly should be available at a variety of online sources. Best of luck to Nichols, Orsi, Redler, Eskilson(?), and the supplemental/consolation finalists.
  7. Twitter feed will provide more-or-less live updates throughout the day. Quick summary: -Only IEs to survive to round 10 (as far as we know) are McKibban of El Dorado in IX and Deckert of SHHS in USX. We will not be able to track Deckert except via word of mouth as we don't have his code. -Kota and Marine of BVSW made it to round 9 of PFD as probably the last Kansas survivor but we don't have a result atm. -Johnson of WEast made round 9 of LD but we have no code to track him. -Goddard went down in round 9, eliminating them. The surviving Kansas policy teams entering round 10 are WEast OR (3-0), the two BVW teams (both 2-1), and Blue Valley (unknown). -Senate semifinalists include Shull of BV and Eskilson of SHHS. -House semifinalists include Bhatla of SMNW and Tran of WEast.
  8. Team STADB9 will be: IX: Allison McKibban, El Dorado OO: Courtney Train, Salina Central DI: Jackson Mattek, Salina Central DUO: Kenefake/Rothschild, Topeka HOU: Ria Halder, Blue Valley
  9. We didn't get through round 6, so the posted rosters are each competitor's top five selections. At least this will make scoring it easier. The plan next year, if I do this again, will be to eliminate the utility slot and require each competitor's top thirty selections to be sent to the administrator via PM. We'll then autoselect until somebody runs out of options and start the draft from there. Might get us further.
  10. I think I was pretty clear about the Bourk situation prior to you drafting that slot. I would treat the slot as six rounds for calculation purposes even if it went unfilled, as has been the case for previous nationals no-shows.
  11. Nobody can say that for certain at this stage. It is likely to be the first weekend in December.
  12. CFL and NFL both count towards the eight. Regionals and State are the only tournaments that do not.
  13. Nobody can answer the "best run" thing with complete assurance because any one of us only experiences a thin slice of the tournaments offered in any given year. In the narrow corridor of I-70 which we travel, I would make a case for Washburn Rural, Silver Lake, Topeka High, the Shawnee Mission West multi-division Novice, and Blue Valley. TOUGHEST depends entirely on what you're seeking. In addition to the aforementioned KCKCC, DCI and Washburn Rural, Kansas City CFL would have a place on a lot of lists.
  14. Bear in mind that this draft concludes one way or the other at 11:59 PM tomorrow. The rosters will consist of everyone who was on teams at the conclusion of the last draft round; it would be good if we could at least get to the end of round 6. I'll draft my team from the leftovers at that point.
  15. OldSchool's selection via PM is Julie Chang, IX, BVNW. JigglyLaker on the clock.
  16. So as of 9:13 pm here's whats up: 1. The Habler and Nokumura picks become official. 2. SpecBandido goes on the clock. 3. Chillzherency can jump in any time and make their pick, unless... 4. ...D.Clark posts a pick, in which case he takes over their roster and draft slot.
  17. Bourk's deferral letter was faxed in today. The #3 and #4 finishers in the district were already known to have conflicts. I am thinking that by the time they both decline the slot the national office may be unwilling to accept a new entry; I was told they were leaving for Dallas tomorrow. In any case I think it would be an unwise move to draft Bourk or her alternate at this stage. Though Carey and Hill seem to be taking their time about letting us draft ANYBODY...
  18. Not your turn, guys. Chillzherency went on the clock when Blake made his pick. The Habler and Nokumura picks will be held until such time as Chillzherency selects--if they pick either Steffen or GC, the appropriate individual will need to re-pick. If not, the two of you will take Steffen and GC respectively and we will move on to the next selection.
  19. So by my count that's three owners who are competing for teams other than their own. SpecBandido on the clock.
  20. Via PM SMNDebate selects: Daniel Lyon, SEN, Fort Scott (UTIL) Goacher/Whisler, DUO, Seaman Back to you, Old School.
  21. My bad; correction made. I guess I just got used to seeing rosters composed entirely of kids from one district.
  22. Vincent7 on the clock for two picks.
  23. OldSchool's round two pick is Evan Johnson, LD, Wichita East. If Chillzherency hasn't selected by 1:19 PM, that team becomes DClark and TJ goes on the clock. DClark will be permitted to jump into the queue for his second round pick whenever he logs on.
  24. OldSchool and SMNDebate have sent their picks via PM but I require a clarification on OldSchool's second pick before posting it. OLDSCHOOL: Courtney Bollig, HI, STA SMNDEBATE: Alek Eskilson, SEN, SHHS SMNDEBATE: Anna Zimmerman, DX, Topeka Will wait on OldSchool's clarification and then JigglyLaker will be back on the clock. EDIT: In the interest of speed, I do know that OldSchool's selection is an LDer. We can start the clock with JigglyLaker at this time and let people make selections until somebody indicates that they are considering an LDer with their next pick, at which point I will stop the clock and wait on OldSchool's clarification for a maximum of 24 hours. If OldSchool's clarification comes in in the meantime I will post it.
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