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  1. I am looking for the following word pics "the" "Should" "its" "." "USFG" If you have any of the following I will trade various things for them. If you have any thing that are also useful that I havent listed you should also message me about them or comment about them on here and I will reply if any standout. -Brad
  2. I am not a big fan of this argument, but I think its very strategic for some teams. Are there any new scenario for this argument that people haven't ran yet? Below I have sorta made a list of the scenario's I have heard in debate rounds. Nano Tech Grey Goo Time Travel LHC -Thanks Brad
  3. I agree with both of you all, but this pass week the heathcare evidence has been overwhelming good (surprisingly) that is will pass. Is Afghan still unique? I thought Obama was going to wait to take action? Moreover since the Afghan spillover election is over he will increase troops. How could I spend this into a scenario without the Uniqueness overwhelming the link debate? Thanks -Brad
  4. Are there any cool new politic scenarios? Other than: Afgan RRW Cap and Trade Healthcare Public Opinion Is there something new that people have stumbled upon? Thanks, Brad
  5. Does anyone have a copy? I will trade
  6. Bump! I will trade whatever you want for a quality file or backfile
  7. Disease File anyone got one?
  8. I am simply blocking the K out a team in our area runs it I need to see specific cards for the stupid K ....now if your done making stupid comment send the fucking K dumb or not you still can lose to the arguement if you answer it wrong (sadly a few people have lost to it)
  9. If you have one could you email me aaron.thomas13@sbcglobal.net
  10. bumb i would like that too anthony.brown22@sbcglobal.net
  11. Happy B day loser:wavey: naw but i really enjoyed your book and i hope you have (had) a great b bay
  12. Hey i ahve some really good ones pm me or hit me up on aim AarAkc
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