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  1. Millard North will be bringing 3 novice teams
  2. EXACTLY. This is why I'm going to be working with Millard North next year. And previously in this thread Ian called out some of the former debaters at UNL to start working with Lincoln schools - I think you both have the right idea. If we can start by getting schools who formerly had policy teams to compete again, it might make it easier to convince coaches who have never had a policy program that they could start one.
  3. I think part of the problem, too, is that we have coaches who don't come from a policy background taking over programs at schools and they don't have the resources to help students interested in policy. It's really hard to get people interested in sticking with it if they don't have the help. There's already such a huge learning curve for people who start policy that adding in the frustration of having little help makes it less appealing to students. I know there are coaches around here who wouldn't mind having policy - they just can't get kids interested and when they do get kids interested they don't know how to help the kids out. A lot of the more successful teams NE has seen recently had dedicated coaches and decent backfiles and they were able to go to camps.
  4. Because they're badasses. I also heard a rumor that Brent Young and another LDer whose name I can't remember are going policy, too. Also, I know it's probably a little late but does anybody need a judge for state?
  5. David/Ian: 3-1 Connor/Alex: 2-2 (they hit some really good teams) Bri/Snelling: 0-4 I have no ideas about the Millard West teams, but good luck tomorrow, everyone!
  6. Congratulations all around. It was a fantastic showing from NE teams. This'll be a really good year.
  7. I'm sure I'll be around that weekend if anybody needs a judge.
  8. I'm willing to bet she talks to her brother on a semi-regular basis :-P
  9. I'm not 100% sure if I can judge at KCKCC but I might see ya'll there regardless. I've got peeps in Olathe :-P
  10. Anyone have more updates from Valley?
  11. There are only a few contextual solvency mechanisms for cellulosic ethanol and only one (maybe two) of those mechanisms are topical - at least from what I've seen thus far; I still have work to do. And the effects topicality debate is going to be really fucked up this year no matter what.
  12. I feel really bad because I meant to find Ben (Wyoming) after the tournament and say goodbye and tell him to keep in touch. Does anyone have contact information for him?
  13. My experience has proven you wrong. I'll grant you that any team running a K of T should impact turn my XT arguments but most people don't, or just don't do it well. And 90% of the kritiks of topicality that I've seen have just been subpoints on a block containing straight up T answers and they either don't pull through their kritiks of T or, again, they don't do it well.
  14. Okay, so this might only make sense to me but I find that when I'm running T against kritikal affs there's usually some type of extra topicality violation or standard involved and when the teams kritik T I make the argument that their K proves the abuse on XT because they wouldn't have access to that offense against T if they were topical. Most of the other good answers I usually make have been talked about above.
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