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  1. bluey

    Neg-Child Soldiers

    Yeah I'd agree with what people have said so far about int'l CP and whatever DA to US action, politics etc, but be ready for a Cuomo or Cuomo-like debate--all those teams will probably k the da and/or the cp
  2. "always case specific" . . . hmmm . . .
  3. bluey

    [AFF] Landmines

    I still didn't see anything comparative . . . the US may be sweet at demining but there are definitely cards that China tech is comparable to US. And the heg and WOT ads are sketchy at best . . .
  4. yup pretty much which is why it's odd that this case is so popular--the heg IL just isnt even that great
  5. eh, depends some popular ones are disease patriarchy/fem/gender sopo/heg bio-d/environment famine water wars terrorism
  6. i'd suggest politics china another DA you just like to go for--links to everything japan cp lots and lots of case (obviously load up on heg etc. the ads the CP doesn't solve)
  7. bluey

    [AFF] Landmines

    Do other countries not have rats . . .? Or maybe the US rats are really special and high tech . . .
  8. They're a little shady about it. They characterized it several different ways throughout the debate, depending on what was convenient. And yes they K DA's--but they also read heg so it's pretty specific fem IR stuff--Tickner etc. Oh yeah, and Tampa runs overpop, whoever asked.
  9. I meant like the elim brackets and stuff, because I don't know about all the rounds. I heard it was up on JoT but haven't seen it.
  10. haha thanks garrett Also, congrats to mike and leo And has anyone seen the results packet? I've heard it's on joy of tournaments but I haven't seen it . . .?
  11. bluey

    Zimbabwe Crisis

    Theoretically he comes out of power next year. If he changes the constitution and refuses to step down the US might be able to justify some kind of intervention. Then again, the US never a) waits for justification or always acts when there is justification, so . . .
  12. I guess theory would be a grey area. I know there was one last year because my lab (juniors) wrote it, but it wasn't particularly huge and fantastic. But I would say that everyone has the same ev, answers to everything, neg strats against everything, and I'm not sure under those circumstances that theory is really your A strat or that anything will be run like consult or something that really justifies theory. I'd just bring one tub. You have a finite amount of files, and I've never had problems with just one tub. Plus, your partner will have brought one too, so if you really, really need it I suppose you could use two tubs.
  13. Eh, you should probably bring at least a couple. At least two, maybe three. Remember for the tournament you'd be using one set of ev but also your partner's expandos too. And you can always buy another expando at the office. A lot of people pitch the paper ev and expandos too for the flight home so they can pack random stuff in their tubs, so you might not want to buy too many in case you end up pitching them . . . And on the ev question--they're really pretty strict about only using ev that's been put out there that year.
  14. Wow, everyone's right, since I'm discussing economic conditions for Sudan and other developing nations distinct from their political problems I must be sanctioning their governments' actions and be willing to sacrifice all humanitarian objectives for economic stability.
  15. Yeah you get a starter pack, all paper, so practice debates can be done before even the first round of cutting files is done. You get a CD at the end of camp with your session's ev, and ev from every session that ended before yours.
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