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    making sweet strats
  1. abuse-- tennisguys logic being fucking dumb, harming all of our intelligence on this forum strategy-- politix_da fucking your girlfriend while you are being dumb on a debate forum
  2. politix_da

    Worst Bands

    im glad to see that you can make yourself look like less of a douchebag, first shitty music, now complaining about somebody that miss spelled something in a post... nice job fuckhead...
  3. politix_da

    Extemp TOC

    maybe because its not at UofK this weekend?
  4. completely agreed thats for sure
  5. i'm glad to see we have a comedian on the forum....lawlz
  6. really... china cp is awesome for FGM, what kind of solvency is there? also, how does china solve better than tosten?
  7. CMV (blindness caused by HIV/AIDs) McGovern Food Corps Sweet Potato seed distribution
  8. obama for sure should win the nomination because of the fact that he is leading in the popular vote and the delegate count... if super delegates shift position, i have a feeling the democratic party will never be able to recover from the attitude shift that the country will have against them
  9. COD 2 sucks compared to COD 4... maybe invest your time in a good game
  10. I'm glad you can listen to mainstream music that is always playing on the radio and tell us to listen to it. Thanks for your awesome input
  11. wow... if only interpretations of the rez mattered in rounds
  12. so there is no speed or criticisms ran in south dakota?
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